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Poppin Mousepad

A few weeks ago, our designer Jamie finally wore out her mousepad. (Poor girl’s been working too hard, huh?) Anyway, I bought her this new kiwi-licious mousepad on Poppin. It arrived fast and shipped in some very awesome (and personality-filled) packaging. I thought it was so cool, I even tweeted about it:

Poppin Packaging


For a normal brand, making this sort of impression on a customer AND even getting a free social media shout out would have been amazing. But did Poppin stop there? Nope. Yesterday, I got this thank you card in the mail:

Poppin Thank You Note

When was the last time you received a HANDWRITTEN thank you note from an online retailer? (I’m assuming most of you said “never.”) Did Poppin need to send it? No, of course not. But now I’m officially so enamored with their company that I’m actually blogging about them for FREE. How’s that for cost-effective advertising and brand loyalty?

So what’s the last thing YOU did to make YOUR company stand out? Or are you just taking your customers for granted and need to step up your game? If you need help thinking of unique ways to extend your brand message throughout the sales cycle, why not contact us today to brainstorm some ideas?

And kudos to you, Poppin, for creating a stellar brand experience from beginning to end.

Written By Jen Lombardi, Head Honcho & Creative Genius

Kiwi Creative is a small marketing and design studio located in the lovely 'burbs of Cleveland, Ohio. We help small businesses and marketing departments within larger organizations with cool projects that involve graphic design and illustration, website development, online advertising and social media strategy. Oh, and we're a pretty awesome group to work with, if we do say so ourselves…

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  1. awesome! good stuff, I will be ordering from them soon.

  2. Handwritten Thank You notes is a lost art. I write personal and business thank you notes.

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