Tori Bartolozzi

Tori Bartolozzi
Tori is our Marketing and Sales Support Specialist. She is data-driven and excel-obsessed! When she’s not crunching numbers or researching new ways to grow business, she spends her time planning her next vacation.

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5 Reasons Tech Companies Should Work with a Marketing Agency

As a tech marketer, have you've experienced any of these all-to-common issues at your job?

  • You have a small team and are required to perform tasks outside of your primary skill set.
  • You have a long list of important projects that have gone uncompleted for weeks…or months.
  • You don't have time to stay up-to-date with changing technology and marketing trends.

(I see you nodding at the computer screen…)

What if you could solve these problems simply by working with an outside marketing agency who specializes in your industry? It's true…and here's how your day-to-day life could change for the better.

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Top 4 Must-Measure Metrics for Tech Companies

There are two types of people in the business world: those who dream in pivot tables and VLOOKUPs, and those who secretly wish a cyber attack on the makers of Excel.

Whatever your personality, data is imperative to the success of your business: you need it to make informed decisions at all stages of your sales funnel.

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