A Day in the Life of a Web Developer at Kiwi Creative

Posted on July 5, 2016

Ever wonder what a web developer does every day at a small creative studio? (Hint: the answer is not just “sit in front of a computer writing code”—although that is my favorite part.) Here at Kiwi Creative, I’m responsible for a wide variety of tasks…which keeps life very interesting!

Client Communication

As a small agency, we don’t have traditional account managers that funnel messages to/from our clients. I’m on the front lines every day with marketing managers and small business owners—troubleshooting issues, training them on WordPress and brainstorming web design ideas.

Post-Launch Maintenance

To keep your website secure, you need to make sure it’s up-to-date. We train our clients on how to make back-ups and update plugins, but some of them still prefer that we take care of behind-the-scenes maintenance. In that case, I go in at least once a month to make critical backups/updates to ensure websites are functioning in tip-top form.

Website Updates

We build all of our websites in WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS) that lets users make simple updates to their site without having to know code. We provide training on how to swap out a photo or add a calendar event, but if you need to do something more complex we’re here to help. We can also go into existing sites, written in almost any language, and make edits or add in additional functionality.


At our web design agency, search engine optimization is a two-person job. Our digital strategist takes care of the research and copywriting, but I’m in charge of executing all of the technical tasks. This means I optimize code, server performance, images and more.

Website Hosting

Want to host your website with our company? I migrate websites, set up CDNs (content delivery networks), managing DNS records and more. Many DIY hosting companies make the clients handle this themselves, but here I take care of all of the technical settings.


How do I stay up-to-date with an industry that’s constantly changing? Research and continuing education. From Stack Overflow to, I’m always looking to see how advances in technology can benefit our clients.

Internal IT / Other

As the tech-y dude around the office, I’m in charge of updating computers, managing our servers and other IT-related duties. Everyone relies on me to keep our internal technology ticking along…no pressure.

Web Development

And yes, since my job title is “Web Developer,” my favorite part of my job is developing kick-ass websites. We’re a small shop, so I do both front- and back-end development, working closely with our digital strategist, web designer and project manager.


While I love having multiple things to do to break up the work day, coding is my true passion and the reason I love this job so much. Want to work with yours truly and the rest of our amazing web design and development team? Contact us today.

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Ryan Patterson

Written by Ryan Patterson

Ryan Patterson is Kiwi Creative's code-obsessed Web Developer. A master of all things related to WordPress, he builds custom marketing-focused websites for our clients that look awesome and are easy to use.

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