My Husband's Idea of What I Do at Work (aka Graphic Design Misdefined)

Posted on June 5, 2012

This one’s for all the married ladies out there…Do you ever wonder if your husband really understands what you do all day at the office? I mean, sure, you come home and ramble on and on about “co-workers this” and “clients that,” but does any of that actually register up there in the male brain?

Well in preparation for training new employees, I wrote up a li’l “Design & Marketing 101” quiz and had the hubs take it just for fun. Below are some of his (creative) answers:

Describe these different software programs:

InDesign: The one that costs a lot of money.
Photoshop: The one that all the college kids learn and then think they’re a great designer.
Dreamweaver: The one Native Americans use.
Flash: Sheldon’s [from “The Big Bang Theory”] favorite superhero.

What’s the difference between these color modes?

CMYK: Cryon [what?!], Magenta…and I can’t remember the last two because you say them too fast.
PMS: Not going there. But probably red.

What is an “em”?

Dorothy’s aunt in the “Wizard of Oz.”

Describe these different styles of fonts:

Serif: The old west police authority font.
Sans Serif: Sans means “without,” so it must mean the deputy font.
Slab serif: The statue version (made of rock) of the first font.
Old English: Font seen on signs like “Ye Olde Wine Cellar.”
Monospace: The font used on the space shuttle for NASA.

What is a raster image?

Raster: Has dreadlocks and smokes weed.

Define these different image formats:

JPG: Juxtaposed picture graph
PNG: Probably not gonna (get it right)
GIF: Great, I fail.
PSD: Pretty sad deal.
PDF: Please don’t fail (me).

Explain CAN-SPAN and how to avoid it:

A little Hawaiian meat product almost the shape of a football and you avoid it by not eating it.

Describe the difference between organic and paid search:

Organic is without pesticides and paid is like the red light district.

Describe the process of a PPC/CPM campaign:

I don’t want to.

In all fairness, my husband is a financial analyst and I can’t explain what the hell he does all day long, either. (Numbers make my head spin and Microsoft Excel is the enemy.) And even though he failed my design quiz miserably, I love him just the same.

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