The newest word mash-up phenom: Wordshop

Posted on August 18, 2010

I love it when pop culture word mash-ups make their way into everyday language.  You know, witty sayings like "sexting" (sex + texting) or "bromance" (bros aka male friends + romance), just to name a few.

English purists tend to hate these newly-formed phrases, but I think they're an ingenious way to communicate cultural quirks in a succinct and hilarious way.

That's why I've decided I'm going create the next word mash-up phenomenon, right here, right now: Wordshop (Microsoft Word + Photoshop). Example: LeAnne doesn't have any design software on her work computer, so she has to Wordshop the pictures from her digital camera. Basically, it refers to any time a person without high-end design software uses Microsoft Word when Photoshop would have been a much better tool to get the job done.

We've been giving this word a test drive around the office for the past several months and I'm happy to announce that it honestly has become a part of our everyday vocab... I hope you get a chance to use it, too!

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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

Jen Lombardi is the Head Honcho and Creative Genius at Kiwi Creative, a creative marketing studio for B2B technology companies. She has an award-winning background in print design, but is also a marketing maven, wizard of the web, grammar geek and all-around fun person.

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