How to Surpass Other Tech Companies in Google

Posted on March 30, 2017

Things move fast in the world of digital marketing. Constant education is key to making sure you’re staying up-to-date with trends that could make or break your tech website. (In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this blog post right now!)

We’re big into continued learning over here at Kiwi Creative, so I wanted to share some insights from an awesome book I just finished reading: “SEO 2017: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies.

Super long title, I know, but basically it focuses on how to use Google’s three key principles—relevance, authority and trust—to boost your organic search rankings. And I’m here to tell you how you can apply that advice to your own tech company so you can surpass the competition in Google.

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How to Convince Your Tech Company to Invest in Inbound Marketing Software

Posted on March 23, 2017

Inbound marketing has been all the rage for the past several years. And while many software and technology companies have come to accept the power of blogging and social media, a surprising number have yet to officially “take the leap” and sign up for a marketing automation platform.

Why the resistance? Because creating an automated inbound marketing machine can be an expensive, long-term investment and busy tech marketers are constantly pressured to guarantee ROI for every line item in their budget.

Need help convincing your boss that paying for marketing automation software is a good long-term investment? Here are some compelling stats from HubSpot customers—specifically in the software/tech industry—showing how they’ve increased web traffic and qualified leads as a result of fully embracing the inbound marketing methodology.

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The 6-Step Process for Tech Companies to Identify Less Competitive Keywords

Posted on February 25, 2017

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a long time, you might find yourself fighting the same ongoing battles with 2-3 of your top competitors. One week you’re ahead in rankings, the next you’re not…the ocean’s getting mighty red.

Perhaps it’s time to put down your SEO sword and find at least one keyword with less competition. Using the tips below, you’ll be sailing into smoother SEO waters in no time at all.

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The Two Best Places a Tech Company Should Insert CTAs

Posted on February 3, 2017

Not sure where to place your “sign up for a free demo” CTA on your blog posts? You’re not alone…many technology marketing managers are hesitant on CTA placement with the fear of missing out on conversions.

Here are some statistics on website visitor engagement which, when calculated together, will give you the two best places to insert your call-to-action.

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The 3 Must-Have Blogging Tools for Tech Companies

Posted on January 27, 2017

When you're in a competitive and hard-to-explain industry (like B2B technology), getting your blog to rank high in Google can be a challenge.

What if your blog posts aren’t performing as well as expected? Besides good ol’ trial and error, how do you know where there’s room for improvement?

Here are three of our favorite helpful inbound marketing tools technology companies can use to improve their blogs…try them out for yourselves!

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5 Ways to Improve Form Conversions on Technology Websites

Posted on January 24, 2017

Do you have plenty of website visitors, but are still left wondering ““why aren’t more people filling out my online forms?”

If your landing page in well designed and your webinar sounds enticing, maybe the problem is with the actual form itself.

Since form submissions are arguably the #1 most important step for inbound lead generation, let’s go over five ways you can make online forms more user-friendly to encourage better conversion rates on your technology website.

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Should a B2B Tech Company Use an Inbound Marketing Agency?

Posted on January 17, 2017

If you’re a marketing professional at a technology or software company, it goes without saying that you’re busy. Like, insanely busy.

You’re expected to manage the budget, assist the sales team, write content, update the website, attend trade shows, report on metrics…the list of marketing-related tasks is virtually endless.

How in the world are you supposed to manage all of those day-to-day tasks, let alone respond to the pressure from higher-ups to generate even MORE high-quality leads for your sales team?

For many overworked (and understaffed) B2B marketing departments, the answer to creating a well-oiled inbound marketing machine is to engage an outside marketing agency specializing in your specific industry.

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How to Design a Better B2B Content Offer Graphic

Posted on January 12, 2017

You just published an awesome new content offer and are waiting not-so-patiently for your inbox to be bombarded with download notifications. But nothing happens.

The topic is interesting. The keywords are on target. What could have possibly gone wrong? Take a look at your CTA graphic.

Hubspot says the average CTA on a blog post will only be clicked by 1-2% of viewers. And only 10% of those will actually fill out the form to download your offer. If you’re doing the math, that means for every 1,000 readers of your blog post you should expect 1-2 downloads.

Not satisfied with just being average? Improve your conversion rate with these five tips to design a better B2B content offer graphic.

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4 Ways to Immediately Improve Your B2B Tech Buyer Persona

Posted on January 5, 2017

As a smart B2B marketer, you’re probably already rocking a pretty solid buyer persona. You know your ideal customer’s job title, age and educational background. You know where he goes to read up on the latest industry news and what LinkedIn groups he belongs to. You’ve even given him a catchy name, like IT Manager Tim or President Paul.

Sure, that’s a good start, but are those basic stats really providing enough insight to produce truly impactful inbound marketing material?

If you want to take your buyer persona to that next proverbial level, try asking these four powerful questions for better lead generation.

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Say What? Deciphering Marketing Acronyms

Posted on June 8, 2016

If there’s one thing that marketers love, it’s a good acronym. Brush up on your lingo with this handy guide to (sometimes overused) marketing acronyms, FYI ICYMI.

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