12 Reasons why it ROCKS to be a Cleveland Marketing Agency

We know that Cleveland, Ohio doesn’t necessarily come to mind to most people when they think of the top cities for marketing agencies. On the contrary, Cleveland is a rockin’ city with a great deal to offer to its residents, especially to those who live in the marketing world.

Check out 12 noteworthy reasons it ROCKS to be a Cleveland marketing agency.

1. Growing tech & startup community

As a marketing agency that specializes in software & tech, we get to see firsthand how quickly tech is growing in our city. Cleveland was listed as #12 on the ‘Top 20 Places You Can Get a Great Tech Job Outside of Silicon Valley’. The history of our city on the lake is rooted in industry and innovation. Today, though, many of these legacy businesses are finding new ways to adopt technology to better serve their customers, and many startups are choosing Cleveland to be their homebase.

2. More bang for your buck

Clients coming to town? They’ll get a whole heck of a lot more out of their trip to Cleveland than they would a trip to Chicago, New York City or Los Angeles. Unless you’re a “‘Land” native, you’re likely unfamiliar with how many cool, affordable (and free!) things there are to do here. On top of that, homes here cost as much as a down payment in those other cities… so, there’s that.

3. Local talent

The Cleveland area is home to several top ranking universities, with even more nationally ranked universities (THE Ohio University) just a few hours away. This means there’s a ton of local talent with bountiful backgrounds, skills and experience. Nothing makes working in marketing more enjoyable than getting to work with smart and sociable co-workers.

4. World-renowned network of hospitals

Accidentally break your ankle at your company’s summer kickball game? Just joking. Besides healing broken bones, much more comes with living in one of the biggest health-hubs in the world. Having access to high quality healthcare definitely helps us sleep a little easier at night.

5. Focus on supporting local

Between, Great Lakes Brewing Co., Malley’s Chocolates and Mitchell’s Ice Cream, there’s a TON of local goodies available in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland is an older city, and, in it’s time, many brands have gone from mom-and-pop shops to internationally recognized brands. For those still on the ground floor (or on the elevator up) Clevelanders support Clevelanders. And we love getting a taste of what’s offered right here in our own town.

6. Cultural infusions

Cleveland is very much a melting pot of cultures infused with flavor from over 220+ years of history. If you held a handful of darts and threw them at a map, there’s a good chance you’d land on a country that has had some kind of influence in Cleveland. The strongest cultures that call Cleveland home today have roots in eastern Europe, Italy, Ireland, Germany, the Balkan peninsula, Africa and both eastern and western Asia.

7. The food (and beer) scene

Speaking of cultures…let’s talk about food! Out in California, very few people even know what a perogie is. But here in Cleveland, perogies are available on menus as commonly as chicken wings are. Cleveland is becoming a serious contender as one of the top foodie cities in the nation.

And, what goes great with good food? Great beer! More than 30 breweries take residence in Cleveland, and that’s something we can cheers to (‘cuz we know marketers love their Happy Hours)!

8. Content Marketing World (obviously)

We can’t talk about how great it is to be a Cleveland marketing agency without mentioning Content Marketing World. It’s one of the largest marketing conferences in the world and it’s held right here in the ‘Land With historical keynote speakers like Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tina Fey, this event digs into all things content marketing…which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, supports pretty much all of your marketing efforts.

9. So many activities

There’s so much to do here in Cleveland. We are home to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, The Great Lakes Science Center, Playhouse Square—the second largest theater district in the U.S., the West Side Market, and, let’s not forget the over 22,000 acres that make up the Cleveland Metroparks.

10. Staycations

While many Clevelander’s have made a habit of traveling to Florida or the Carolinas in the summer, there’s a few even closer getaways right here in our own backyard. Right down the road, we have Put-In-Bay, Kelleys Island, and over 300 miles of beautiful Lake Erie coastline. We may not see the sun for six months out of the year, but when it finally comes out, you bet your bottom dollar we’re visiting a local beach. We marketers work hard, so it's great having getaways right here in the neighborhood.

11. Lebron

It’s hard to think of a person who has created greater value for our city in the 21st century. ‘Bron has gone from “hero” to “hated” and back to “hero” again. We’ve watched him grow from a talented kid from Akron to a true powerhouse. Today, LeBron is arguably one of the greatest ballplayers (and leaders) in the entire NBA history. And when you think about Lebron from a marketing and branding perspective, he is the first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word “Cleveland”. His tenacity and hustle couldn’t be a better representation of what it means to be from Cleveland.

12. Unwavering commitment to this city

The Browns may have gone 0-16 last season, but that doesn’t make us love them any less. The city of Cleveland has experienced many a disappointment—from championships slipping through our fingers to our river catching on fire (whoops!)—Clevelanders have been through it all. Nonetheless, the people of Cleveland carry great pride for their city on their sleeves and are unconditionally devoted to their hometown. The city of Cleveland is most definitely a “brand” we can all get behind.

It’s called Believeland for a reason

Very few are fortunate enough to know what it truly means to be from Cleveland.

In 2016, when the Cavs won the city’s first major sports title since 1964, it wasn’t all about LeBron, it wasn’t about winning, it wasn’t even about redemption or basketball at all. It was about something so much greater than that. It was about our unique, Midwest, tough-as-nails, been-through-it-all, all-for-one community. And marketers can relate.

No matter how many challenges we face—polar vortexes, the Golden State Warriors or 404 redirects—we always come out the other side stronger and more united. Cleveland is a rare bird. From the people to the history to the bight horizon that is the future, Cleveland is on the rise.