"2 Broke Girls" & Their Unrealistically Cheap Cupcake Website

My husband has a li'l obsession with the CBS comedy "2 Broke Girls." (Well, more like he has a crush on Max, the sassy waitress played by Kat Dennings [the one on the left.]) And, being the good wife that I am (ha!), I've watched every single episode with him.

For those not familiar with the show, two waitresses are trying to launch a cupcake venture out of their (unrealistically large) apartment in Brooklyn so they can ditch their crappy lifestyle and become rich n' famous. As part of their journey, business-smart Caroline (who mentions that she has an MBA from Wharton in just about every episode) decides that they need to build a website to boost cupcake sales. She finds a super hot web designer (who she ends up hooking up with) to build their site for $600. But in a future episode, she remarks how disappointed she is that her "expensive" website hasn't resulted in a single sale.

Ahhh…television. How you continually distort reality. If I were a marketing and design advisor on your show, here's what I would have pointed out to you:

  • A $600 website is not "expensive." In fact, I doubt you could find a single professional web designer in NYC to design an e-commerce site for that amount of money. Anyone willing to build a custom site for that little (especially in the NYC market) will almost certainly be inexperienced and untalented. In that case, you didn't save money by going with a cheap designer/developer. You actually just wasted your entire $600 investment.
  • Remember that old saying "build it and they will come"? Well, that's totally false when it comes to websites. Without a comprehensive and ongoing SEO and SEM strategy, no one is going to find your website. No matter how good your cupcakes taste. This is also not going to happen overnight, so don't think you'll be rich a week after your site launches.
  • I really, really, really hope a graduate of Wharton's MBA program would know all of this. Otherwise, Caroline wasted all of her daddy's money getting that advanced degree when a little real world experience would have done her much better.
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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

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