2010 Student Portfolio Review

The all-mighty portfolio review is a time-honored tradition for design students. Love it or hate it, presenting your work is one of the most crucial skills in a designer's arsenal, so it's a good idea to get plenty o' practice before your first job interview or client presentation.

That's why I was super excited to be invited to the annual portfolio showcase at CVCA (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy). There, I had the chance to meet with sophomores, juniors and seniors in the graphic design and yearbook classes, all of whom were showing off their artwork from the last two semesters.

All in all, I'd have to say the work was pretty darn good for a first soirée into the world of graphic design. While I had to have a talk with a few kids about the overuse of Zapfino, I only saw two instances of Comic Sans. (And if you read my first blog post, you know how I feel about that font.)

The biggest encouragement, however, was seeing how their work progressed throughout the year. With the exception of a couple students who were obviously born with an artistic eye, most of the first assignments looked like, well, someone's first stab at Illustrator. By their last project (a postage stamp set), you could see that those magical lil' filters in Photoshop had opened up their eyes to an entirely new world of creative possibilities. And really, isn't that the best part of design?

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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

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