What B2B Software & Tech Marketers Can Learn from the Super Bowl

Whether you’re excited for the football, the commercials or the food, Super Bowl LIII has a little something for everyone...even B2B software and tech marketers. While not many companies can afford the $5 million price tag for a 30-second spot on national television, there are other key takeaways us humble marketers can incorporate into our own super marketing strategy from watching the big guys play ball.


1) Use a Non-Traditional Game Strategy.

“The Force” is one commercial that still makes us smile. But did you know it was also one of the first Super Bowl commercials to be pushed out on YouTube prior to it airing during the game?

During a time when companies were keeping their ingenious ads under lock and key, awaiting the moment their spot aired for maximum impressions, Volkswagen breached traditional strategy and unleashed their iconic ad to the public a week before their Super Bowl spot.

When everyone was going left, Volkswagen veered right and it paid off. By the kickoff time, they had raked in over 17 million views and currently boast over 61 millions views on YouTube, making it the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

How can B2B tech marketers use a non-traditional game strategy? Next time you have newly-created piece of content that you would normally gate, think about leaving it ungated or send it with an offer for a demo.


2) Don’t Be Afraid to Scout Out New Talent.

In 2010, Mars Chocolate needed to make a change as Snickers was quickly losing its stake as the the world’s go-to candy bar. The numbers showed that Snickers was consistently losing half of its customers each year making a marketing strategy overhaul necessary…and fast.

In order to pull together the award-winning campaign, Snickers went back to the drawing board and reviewed their buyer personas. In doing so, they realized that by primarily marketing to young males, they were ignoring the larger audience and hence limiting their own growth. Since chocolate is bought by just about anyone, Snickers decided to make their marketing universal.


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The "you are not you when you are hungry" campaign struck gold. By incorporating the comeback queen herself, Betty White—who until that time had been living out of the limelight—“Game” was a win-win. The hilarious ad increased Snickers global sales by almost 16% in the first year and Betty White was reinstated as America’s favorite Golden Girl.

Reevaluating your buyer persona should be a constant task for B2B software and tech marketers. Who is using your product or service? Which clients are experiencing the best success? There could be nuances outside of your documented persona which deserve attention and could be a whole new market for your company.  

3. Tell Your Team Story.

Ultimately, Super Bowl commercial winners are ads that tell a story. From the Budweiser clydesdales saga to the know-it-all E*trade baby, audiences are drawn to compelling stories that either make us laugh out loud or tug at our heart strings.

Coca-Cola’s “Hey Kid, Catch” is the perfect example of effective storytelling that has engaged viewers almost 40 years. Talk about a shelf-life! The story of “Mean” Joe Greene and a little boy with a Coke has sealed itself as the most famous Super Bowl ad of all time by creating an emotional connection between the audience and the brand.

For B2B tech marketers, storytelling may be hard at first but practice and a little humor can go a long way. Sharing client or employee stories make your brand relatable and your audience will appreciate the human aspect of the tech world.



While these these companies have deep pockets and marketing minions galore, there are still lessons to be learned.

  1. Ultimately, marketers need to be true to their company’s story as creating connections with clients is the key to nurturing.
  2. Consistently measuring and setting goals will make sure that story stays on track and engages the right personas.
  3. You know what’s best for your company and clients and sometimes that means not following the crowd and breaking away from traditional marketing tactics.  

Who knows? Your next campaign may be the one talked about for years to come…