B2B Tech Marketing in the Next Phase of COVID-19

Huzzah! Government discussions and strategies for opening businesses are getting more serious and tangible. There is finally some hope at the end of the tunnel! 




While the country isn’t going to reopen everything immediately, it’s become clear we aren’t in the gloom and doom phase of marketing anymore. So where are we exactly?

What is the new “normal”?

Even if states are slowly opening back up and employees will be returning to their physical offices, we know it’s going to be a slow process and this is going to be just another phase of our absolutely insane shit show year. Just when marketers are settling into the COVID-19 marketing messaging, it’s going to be time to switch it up…again. 

Luckily, adapting to new trends and pivoting our best-laid plans is something tech marketers do best! Whether you panicked, planned or persevered it’s time to take a breath and reassess. Our next concern?  What will the newest phase of the semi-quarantine life going to look like and how are we going to move forward as marketers? 

Marketing somewhere between absolute disaster and relative normalcy

Updating your content calendar…again

If you’re sick of “we’re in this together” messaging, you’re not alone. (And if you’re not over it, check out this marketing compilation.) Not that you’re going to drop the empathic tone (Hey! We still care!) but more businesses opening their doors gives marketers some much-needed breathing room. We get to stretch our ideas! 

Dust off that content calendar you created back before all of this happened and ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Is there one overarching topic you could focus on now? What can you talk about right now?
  2. Is there a specific persona you believe is ready for your “as regularly scheduled” message? Are they missing anything by not hearing from you?
  3. Is there a part of your buyer’s journey that needs to have content? Can you cross this off your list while we wait for business as usual?
  4. Does this calendar still make sense after everything that has happened? What can you update to salvage it?

Other business operations are going to be reassessing and forecasting and marketing departments basically need to do the same thing. We’re all learning to work with what we have quickly. If we wait for the situation to be perfect, it’s more than likely not going to happen.

Social media pre-scheduling is back on!

Remember when you had to pause all of those pre-scheduled social posts? That was rough. But just like with your content calendar, find out what’s salvageable. 

  1. Does the post still make sense?
  2. Could it be posted with a quick tweak?

Your B2B tech company has the same mission and vision as it did before the pandemic so your social messaging should still be pretty close to on-point. 

If you’re looking to keep a personal connection to your followers, share your company experiences.  Is your business reopening its doors? Have you found new ways to work together? Most likely your contacts will be glad to hear from you. The more personal messaging that’s emerged from the past few months isn’t a trend that should fade but something we should hold on to. Which leads me to…

What did you learn

There have been some priceless takeaways from the doom and gloom phase.  Moving forward, you need to determine how to hold on to these lessons.

#1 Don’t wait for perfect.

If you wait for perfect, it’s not going to happen. Planning and preparing are all well and good but there are times when you wait too long and miss out on being relevant. 

#2 Keep it personal.

Pre-COVID we were trying our best to be empathetic. Now I think we are empathic. We experienced something really scary on a global level and that’s brought us together. 

#3 Have fun.

All of those weird and wild ideas, hacks, apps, you’ve discovered over the past few weeks? Keep using them! We’ve learned to function in a whole new way and some of it has been for the better.

So, what’s your marketing plan for the next few, less miserable weeks? 

  • Assess your prior plans
  • Tweak where necessary
  • Include the lessons you’ve learned

We’re going into this a little smarter and a little more prepared and that should show in our interactions. Hopefully, the disaster days are behind us and I’m sure you’re all excited for things to get back to normal (whatever that really means.) But in the meantime, we’ll pivot like we always do! See you on the other side!



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