Back from Inbound, now what? Our actual to-do list

Another successful Inbound in Boston!

We’ve all settled back into our weekly routines (mostly) and are getting back into the swing of things. The only big difference is that our brains are now billowing with all kinds of new information, industry insights and recommendations from some of the biggest names in marketing… plus a few extra noteworthy names.

As an agency that works exclusively with software & tech companies, we know just how important it is to move quick and get things done after one of the biggest marketing conferences in marketing.

Sure, we can give you our biggest takeaways from the week, but we bet that your newsfeed is flooded with those already. Rather, here is our truth-be-told to-do list we put together for post-Inbound-implementation.

Tidy up the sales process ✓

At both marketing agencies and tech companies alike…we are all familiar with how muddy the marketing/sales process can get. What was the first touch point? How do we accurately account for these marketing dollars? Where should we allocate budget based on results?

As we steamroll right towards Q4, there’s no better time to re-examine your sales process and button it up. Schedule a Sales Enablement meeting with your sales/marketing teams, or brush up on how sales can better handle objections. Circle up with the team, and set yourselves up to finish the year strong.

Leverage PR opportunities ✓

The year 2019 will need to be the year you amplify your voice. And we don’t mean belting out Whitney Houston on your drive to work everyday. We’re talking about public relations outreaches here!

At Inbound, we learned about several HARO (help a reporter out) and other reporter websites that you can use to get extra love from outlets outside your current network.

Another strategy for PR and brand amplification is **deep breath** public speaking and event speaking opportunities. We’re stacking our own deck with speaking opportunities and networking events through the rest of the year.

Raise the bar and re-calibrate internal metrics ✓

Very soon we are going to blink and it will be the end of 2018. Now is the time to make sure your reporting tools are in place, working right and accurately capturing the full funnel of your marketing efforts. Yes, start to finish.

We use a combination of Databox and HubSpot reporting, along with Google Analytics to track and analyze our efforts. As we move closer to Q4 and the end of the year, we want to look for opportunities to optimize and see if we can level-up on any of our KPIs for the year.

Investigate new technologies ✓

We are on the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution, and we’ve been hearing about it for years. Fortunately, AI is becoming mainstream… which means affordability and your pick from multiple vendors.

Now is the time to start (if you’re not already) integrating some of these sophisticated technologies to help run your business and your marketing more efficiently.

Reduce the friction ✓

If you’ve been paying attention to anything in the marketing world, you likely know that the funnel is dead, and the “flywheel” is the newest thing.

HubSpot (the inventors of Inbound Marketing) have revamped how we as marketers look at how customers move through their buyer’s journey towards a sale. The new focus is, go figure, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! (Good.) A marketer’s new objective should be to reduce friction and make it easier for prospective customers to take action and make decisions on their own.

One way that Kiwi Creative has already made it easier for our customers is by adding an FAQ page with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Read: it has increased our average time on site, it has increased the quality of our leads, and it has facilitated the on-boarding of new clients. Dreams do come true.

Deliver value earlier ✓

Why are “free-trial” promotions so wildly popular and successful in B2C? Because they are low commitment and customers quickly know whether the product will fill their needs or not. How can this apply to the much more complicated older sibling, B2B? Deliver value earlier.

One speaker at Inbound went as far to say that they offered money back guarantees to prospects in certain circumstances. Of course, this may not be the solution for all businesses, but it does pose the question: How can I prove the value of my product or service quickly to bring forth a larger, long-term commitment?

Maximize current campaigns ✓

Brainstorm creative ways to amplify the work that you’ve already done. For Kiwi, our current campaign is our State of the Industry report – pssst… you get a $5 gift card for filling it out if you work in tech! While we have a distribution and promotion plan in place, we are looking into additional ways to push the content we’ve created.

Think about reaching out to industry influencers, publishing or sharing content in resource forums like HubSpot Resources, or reach out to friends you made at Inbound (or any other event) and see if they’ll share the goods.

Give old school collateral a face lift ✓

Who knew that PowerPoints could be so cool? We just learned about some pretty spiffy animation and hyperlink functionalities to kick up our presentation game. Our designer, who despises PPT, is actually pretty excited. If you want to chat with us about revamping any of your marketing materials… send us a message here.

Get in the game early… chatbots

Think of every opportunity you’ve ever missed the boat on… Bitcoin investments, becoming a childhood YouTube influencer, being a verified Twitter user with 1,000,000+ followers. We have learned some good news: there’s still a chance to get in early on the next big thing, and leverage time to gain huge returns. It won’t cost you your first born child, either.

We’ve all seen chatbots. They pop up on almost every website you hit these days. But one of the most exciting things we brought back fro Inbound is how facebook messenger “Chat Blasts” can be used to increase open rates and click rates 60x more than email.

Get over your fear of video ✓

We have been working on breaking our own barriers over here at Kiwi Creative. This year we added video to our marketing repertoire with both client and agency video production. The kicker is that video for most businesses doesn’t need to require a $30,000 budget and a full camera crew.

Check out this recap video of Inbound through the lens of an iPhone X: 

Get to work

We like to get shit done. If you want to chat with us about any of our to-dos, or if there’s something we’re missing, chat with us! A real person in our actual office will respond within an hour or so.