Brands We Love (and Hate)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked the folks around the office which businesses they consider their branding soulmates…and which ones they want to break up with.

Best vs. Worst Branding: Red Robin vs. Rockne's

Red Robin: The burger chain's new branding is packed with personality and manages to be the right amount of kitschy without going over to tacky-land. To quote their commercials, "Yummmmmm."

Rockne's: It’s not really fair to pick on a regional restaurant vs. a national chain, but everything at Rockne's seems horribly out of date. Despite their motto, their menu design, restaurant decor and website are not "fresh…fun…food." (They do make a mean salad though!)

— Jen, Head Honcho


Best vs. Worst Branding: Walgreens vs. Food Club

Walgreens Nice!: I'll admit it: I'm a totally a packaging snob who would rather spend a few extra cents to buy a box that is visually appealing. Walgreen’s Nice! branding is a great example of what to do. It’s simple, featuring minimalist photography and friendly colors, paired with just the right amount of white space. The typography is consistent and, overall, it has a fresh and friendly look to it. “Nicely” done!

Food Club: This brand represents everything I can’t stand: it's super busy, inconsistent, dated and unappetizing. The only time I buy this brand is during a sporadic moment of desperation when nothing else is available.

— Kelly, Graphic Designer


Best vs. Worst Branding: Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Donuts

Starbucks: This brand is perfection. I feel like a QUEEN every time I walk into a store. Love the design and the look of everything in their store not to mention they have my order memorized. True love for real. They are my brand soulmate. XOXOXO

Dunkin Donuts: I find their brand to be very retro and not in a cute way. I know they’ve made some recent upgrades but Dunkin' leaves me feeling old, cheap and used. No love for this brand. Please don’t send me hate mail.

— Katie, Project Manager


Best vs. Worst Branding: Nautical vs. American Apparel

Nautica: I just love the clean look and freshness of Nautica’s brand.

American Apparel  It all started with the sales "models" spraying people with cologne when walking by their store at Crocker Park. Overall, I think their marketing is just too exploitive.

— Lora, Solutions Specialist


Best vs. Worst Branding: Jimmy John's vs. Mr. Hero

Jimmy John’s: I like Jimmy John's logo. I like their boxed lunch packaging. I like the "freaky fast, freaky good" tagline. Everything about Jimmy John's screams clean, neat and modern.

Mr Hero: I don't care for Mr. Hero's logo…I don't get it. I don't like anything about the restaurants interior design: the stores always look dirty and outdated.

— Ryan, Web Developer