Color Basics for Branding — Part #2: Color Palettes

Good graphic designers don’t pick colors just because they’re “pretty.” They know that the color palette used in a company’s branding and marketing plays a direct role in how consumers think and act by evoking an emotional response; therefore, it’s important to put aside personal preference and select colors that will convey the unique value of your company to your specific target audience.

 Cool Colors

Cool Colors

Emotional Response: calmness, relaxation, rested

Natural Elements: water, sky

Examples: blue, green, purple and turquoise

Typical Industries: spa, finance, religion

Warm Colors

Warm Colors

Emotional Response: excitement, happiness, energy

Natural Elements: sunlight, heat

Examples: red, pink, yellow, orange

Typical Industries: food, fitness, sales

Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors

Emotional Response: balance, flexibility

Natural Elements: mountains, rocks

Examples: brown, beige, black, gray, white

Typical Industries: commonly used across all industries, paired with a cool or warm palette


Want to see some of our favorite warm, cool and neutral color palettes? Head on over to our Color Inspiration board on Pinterest!

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Kelly Chamberlain

Written by Kelly Chamberlain

Kelly Chamberlain is a senior graphic designer with a degree in Graphic Design from Bowling Green State University.

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