Kicking Off a Project: What to Communicate with a B2B Marketing Agency

You’ve meet with your internal marketing team and you’re ready to get a great new project started with your favorite B2B Tech Agency. It’s time to schedule a call with the project manager to get the ball rolling, but what would be the most helpful things to communicate? You’re the all knowing insider of your industry and the agency has the resources and the know how to get your project completed, but how do those two things meet?


Here are a few subjects you should be ready to discuss from the jump to make this project a success.


 1. What are your goals?

Explain why are you even starting this project in the first place. Do you want to generate leads? Increase customer retention? Improve SEO? By letting the agency know exactly what you’re trying to achieve they can help you accomplish your goal.


Remember learning about SMART goals in school? The beginning of a project is the perfect time to implement this skill. You should collaborate with the agency to make sure your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Using an agency that is knowledgeable in your industry will provide the expertise to help you establish your unique goal.


Be open to suggestions from the agency. You’re paying them because they are the experts and they might make a suggestion that differs from your point of view. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to ask questions; this is the perfect opportunity to learn more and take away valuable knowledge from this engagement.


Now is also the time to discuss your budget and timeline with the agency. These two things are important and will help the agency determine what’s within the scope of the project. Make sure you and the agency you’re working with are on the same page as far as the project’s scope, including: the objective, deliverables, and acceptance criteria.

2. How will you know that the project was successful?

Sometimes looking at the end of the project is the best place to start. Clearly defining the metrics you’ll use to measure the success of your project will help the agency create a plan of action. Measurable metrics could be the amount of traffic coming to you site, how many prospects converted to customers, and your ranking on search engines. Read more about the Top 5 Must-Measure Metrics for Tech Companies to help you learn more about what will work best for your upcoming project.


If something is keeping you up at night, make sure you communicate it. Open and on-going communication is key to a successful agency relationship. The more information you share with the agency, the better they can help you. It’s easy to forget that the agency doesn’t know your entire company background. You might have expectations that they aren’t aware of, so take the time to collaborate and communicate with them.


3. How does your company want to be involved?

Now your agency is ready to get to work and you want to be kept in the loop. Make sure your expectations are laid out right from the start. Define what you want to collaborate on and what you will rely on the agency to take care of.


A lot of agencies use project management tools (our fav is ActiveCollab) to communicate during projects. Make sure you join in, ask questions and get involved in discussions. An ideal agency will act as a partner, they can do the heavy lifting and critical thinking, but will need your feedback during the process to make sure they’re on the right track.


Review the project plan once you’ve received it from the agency to make sure it covers what you want to get out of this project. There should be milestones set along the way to ensure your goal is going to be achieved. Is traffic up since last week? If not, what’s being done to correct it or what insight can the agency share to help you understand? Remember to manage your expectations and trust that the agency is doing everything they can to help you reach your goals.


Are you ready to start coordinating your project with an agency that will support your goals, understand metrics and help create a plan of action? An agency can be an extension of your right arm, just remember that you're not their only client. This is a partnership, not a one-sided relationship. A good agency will be invested in your project and treat it like their own as much as they can.  

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