Say What? Deciphering Marketing Acronyms

If there’s one thing that marketers love, it’s a good acronym. Brush up on your lingo with this handy guide to (sometimes overused) marketing acronyms, FYI ICYMI.

  • B2B = business to business
    a company selling to another company
  • B2C = business to consumer
    a company selling directly to the consumer
  • CRM = customer relationship management
    practices, strategies and technologies that manage and analyze customer interactions
  • CTA = call to action
    what you want the customer to do…fill out a form, make a phone call, etc.
  • CTR = click through rate
    # or % of users who click on a link
  • KPI = key performance indicator
    a business metric that evaluates success (ex; # of new leads/week, # of networking events attended/month)
  • NPS = net promoter score
    # ranging from -100 to 100 that measures willingness of customer to recommend a company’s products or services
  • ROI = return on investment
    net profit ÷ cost of investment aka cost invested compared to value received
  • PPC = pay per click
    digital ads where you pay a fee only when someone clicks your link
  • SOW = scope of work
    defined project specifications, such as types deliverables, # of revisions and timeline
  • SWOT = strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
    analytical framework to determine a business’ challenges and areas for growth
  • WOM = word of mouth
    when a customer talks about your company/product to other people


Congrats, you can now talking like a marketing professional. Want to learn to talk like a graphic designeror website designer? We’ve got acronyms guides for those professions, too!