Happy 1st Birthday, Kiwi Creative!

Wow…has it really been a full year since I launched Kiwi Creative as my full-time gig? (Oh yeah…now I definitely remember building Ikea furniture for hours on end last Labor Day weekend. That wasn't so fun.)

I'm not going to say that this journey hasn't been stressful at times (er, lots of the time), but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Being your own boss is liberating (albeit scary) and the chance to work one-on-one with clients to solve their marketing and design needs is über rewarding.

Want to know what we've been up to these past twelve months? Here are some highlights from last year:

  • September 2011: Moved into brand-new office in Berea's Helwig Whistle Stop.
  • October 2011: Attended first trade show: Biz Expo 2011.
  • January 2012: Won PlayhouseSquare's Broadway Series campaign.
  • February 2012: Launched new website design.
  • March 2012: Named Ikea's "Pick of the Week."
  • April 2012: Reviewed student portfolios at Tri-C and Edinboro University.
  • May 2012: Hired first summer intern: Jessica Laurello — Social Media Intern.
  • June 2012: Hired first part-time employee: Maeghan Gorman – Marketing Maven & Sales Strategist.
  • July 2012: Selected to speak at 2012 COSE Small Business Convention.
  • August 2012: Published first guest blog post: "How to Explain Raster Vs. Vector To Your Client" 

It sure seems like we've been busy, but trust me when I say that we're just getting started. The next year will be filled with amazing new clients and awesome new projects…bring it on! 

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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

Jen Lombardi is the Head Honcho and Creative Genius at Kiwi Creative, a creative marketing studio for B2B technology companies. She has an award-winning background in print design, but is also a marketing maven, wizard of the web, grammar geek and all-around fun person.

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