How to Design a Better B2B Content Offer Graphic

You just published an awesome new content offer and are waiting not-so-patiently for your inbox to be bombarded with download notifications. But nothing happens.

The topic is interesting. The keywords are on target. What could have possibly gone wrong? Take a look at your CTA graphic.

Hubspot says the average CTA on a blog post will only be clicked by 1-2% of viewers. And only 10% of those will actually fill out the form to download your offer. If you’re doing the math, that means for every 1,000 readers of your blog post you should expect 1-2 downloads.

Not satisfied with just being average? Improve your conversion rate with these five tips to design a better B2B content offer graphic.

Design Graphics that Look Good at All Sizes

You designed the cover of your eBook to be beautiful at 8.5” x 11”. But your CTA graphic will be much (much) smaller than that. Will the same artwork look just as good at scaled down to only pixels wide?

Be sure the graphics on your teeny-tiny CTA are just as easy to distinguish as that big ol’ download button… those visuals will play a big role in deciding if your content offer looks interesting enough to click on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Crop and Zoom

There’s no rule saying you need to display the entire cover of your content offer…crop off filler text and zoom in to the most interesting part of the design so it’s larger and more legible.

Bonus: this design technique acts as a teaser, showing the reader (hopefully your buyer persona) just enough info to get them interested before downloading.

For example:

New Call-to-action

Mock Up Graphics on a “Real Life” Photo

Real-life mockups are far more interesting to look at than just a flat image. To get your reader’s attention, try Photoshopping that flat eBook cover on top of a photo of a real book…or putting your webinar title on an actual computer monitor. Now you have a virtual content offer that looks tangible, even if it’s never going to be printed or published.

Spruce Up The Typography

Mix up your font styles and colors to create hierarchy and visual interest. (Nothing is more boring than plain black Arial text.) Pick a large, bold font for the most important piece of information and use lighter weights in a smaller size for accent text. Just don’t go crazy and use rainbow gradients or Comic Sans, okay?

Pay Attention to Color Contrast

Your white eBook cover on a white background is not going to stand out very well. Make sure your headline pops from the background. Use a bold accent color for the download now button. Make sure your CTA graphic doesn’t look toooo much like the rest of your website, or it might get skipped over completely. In short, make it obvious without making it obnoxious.


What could these small design tweaks to your CTA graphic mean to your business? At an average conversion rate of .1%, even a small increase in downloads could mean huge revenue potential for your business. Just be sure to analyze your results so you can continually monitor how these changes (hopefully positively) impact your conversion rates.

You’ll be getting plenty of download confirmation emails in your inbox in no time!