How to Convince Your Tech Company to Invest in Inbound Marketing Software

Inbound marketing has been all the rage for the past several years. And while many software and technology companies have come to accept the power of blogging and social media, a surprising number have yet to officially “take the leap” and sign up for a marketing automation platform.

Why the resistance? Because creating an automated inbound marketing machine can be an expensive, long-term investment and busy tech marketers are constantly pressured to guarantee ROI for every line item in their budget.

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Need help convincing your boss that paying for marketing automation software is a good long-term investment? Here are some compelling stats from HubSpot customers—specifically in the software/tech industry—showing how they’ve increased web traffic and qualified leads as a result of fully embracing the inbound marketing methodology.

Varnish Software

This Scandinavian tech startup saw results “pretty much straight away,” even with a small budget and limited resources. In the last year, they’ve experienced:

  • 50% increase in leads
  • 80% increase in website traffic
  • 50% increase in customers

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This data technology company, who works with large clients like Twitter, Google and Microsoft, decided to switch from a hodgepodge of programs (MailChimp, Hootsuite and WordPress) to all-in-one marketing software in 2013. Since then, they’ve experienced:

  • 3x increase in leads
  • 300% increase in organic search traffic
  • 2x increase in referral traffic

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Townsend Security

Despite being in a niche market and working with highly-regulated industries, this tech security company has managed to create compelling content to establish themselves as a thought leader. In the three years since signing on with HubSpot, they’ve experienced:

  • 10x monthly site traffic
  • 77% more leads year-over-year
  • 127% more qualified leads year-over-year

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Need even MORE success stories about B2B software/technology companies getting real results through inbound marketing? As of this publish date, HubSpot has a total of 34 compelling examples.

Now go convince your boss that inbound marketing automation will indeed have a positive ROI for your own company!