It's Official: Kiwi Creative Is One of the Coolest Places to Work

We've always thought our li'l marketing and design studio in Cleveland was a pretty awesome place to work, but now it's official: Knock Knock has named Kiwi Creative as a runner up in their "Coolest Places to Work" contest!

They said we caught their eye with our "spunky 'tude and high energy," citing this excerpt from our original application:

Our clients also appreciate our quirkiness—it’s not uncommon for them to stop by our studio bearing candy and beer at 9:17 a.m. Yum-mo! The Kiwi fun continues outside of the office, too. Our junior designer, Jamie, was hypnotized at our last trade show and we’ve been known to do a shot (or two) at corporate events with open bars. That’s why our fans around town say, ‘It’s not a celebration until the Kiwi gals are in the house!’ (Yes, that’s an actual quote from Twitter.)

Thanks to Knock Knock for this super fun award—we promise to make you proud by continuing to be one of the coolest places to work!

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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

Jen Lombardi is the Head Honcho and Creative Genius at Kiwi Creative, a creative marketing studio for B2B technology companies. She has an award-winning background in print design, but is also a marketing maven, wizard of the web, grammar geek and all-around fun person.

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