My Husband's Idea of What I Do at Work (aka Graphic Design Misdefined)

This one’s for all the married ladies out there…Do you ever wonder if your husband really understands what you do all day at the office? I mean, sure, you come home and ramble on and on about “co-workers this” and “clients that,” but does any of that actually register up there in the male brain?

Well in preparation for training new employees, I wrote up a li’l “Design & Marketing 101” quiz and had the hubs take it just for fun. Below are some of his (creative) answers:

Describe these different software programs:

InDesign: The one that costs a lot of money.
Photoshop: The one that all the college kids learn and then think they’re a great designer.
Dreamweaver: The one Native Americans use.
Flash: Sheldon’s [from “The Big Bang Theory”] favorite superhero.

What’s the difference between these color modes?

CMYK: Cryon [what?!], Magenta…and I can’t remember the last two because you say them too fast.
PMS: Not going there. But probably red.

What is an “em”?

Dorothy’s aunt in the “Wizard of Oz.”

Describe these different styles of fonts:

Serif: The old west police authority font.
Sans Serif: Sans means “without,” so it must mean the deputy font.
Slab serif: The statue version (made of rock) of the first font.
Old English: Font seen on signs like “Ye Olde Wine Cellar.”
Monospace: The font used on the space shuttle for NASA.

What is a raster image?

Raster: Has dreadlocks and smokes weed.

Define these different image formats:

JPG: Juxtaposed picture graph
PNG: Probably not gonna (get it right)
GIF: Great, I fail.
PSD: Pretty sad deal.
PDF: Please don’t fail (me).

Explain CAN-SPAN and how to avoid it:

A little Hawaiian meat product almost the shape of a football and you avoid it by not eating it.

Describe the difference between organic and paid search:

Organic is without pesticides and paid is like the red light district.

Describe the process of a PPC/CPM campaign:

I don’t want to.

In all fairness, my husband is a financial analyst and I can’t explain what the hell he does all day long, either. (Numbers make my head spin and Microsoft Excel is the enemy.) And even though he failed my design quiz miserably, I love him just the same.

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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

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