Our Most Popular Blog Posts for B2B Tech Marketers in 2018

Here at Kiwi, we practice what we preach. Content is king, and we produce a lot of it.

This year alone, we posted an average of 3 blog posts per week about all-things-tech-marketing. We love sharing tips, tricks and best practices for marketers working at software and tech companies.

Here are our most read, most shared and most helpful blog posts in 2018.

#5. Testing Tools Every B2B Tech Marketer Needs in Their Tool Belt

The strategy for successful marketing is simple: test, analyze, optimize, repeat.That’s right: stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

In this blog post, we review our testing process and the slew of tactics to determine which of your marketing efforts is most successful.

Testing user experience, different mediums, and even testing different methods of collecting information will all make your marketing plan that much more successful in 2019.

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#4. Selling Sales on Sales Enablement

Today’s smart tech marketers realize that their job goes beyond getting an avalanche of leads in the top of the sales funnel.

When product offerings are complex and the sales process is truly a process (vs. a transaction), marketing can make their sales reps looks like rockstars by helping out at the bottom of the sales funnel to close more deals.

Known as sales enablement, this strategic initiative focuses on providing your sales team with the info and tools they need to turn their sales qualified leads (SQLs) into customers.

So what do you do when your sales team isn’t on board yet with sales enablement? Here are some ideas on selling sales on sales enablement (and boy, do we love that catchy headline)!

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#3. How to be a Tech Company with a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

While this blog post is probably pretty introductory for many tech marketers, it explores a couple important topics, like planning content for the various stages of decision making, and how well the audience knows you.

Keep in mind that different types of content perform better in different stages.

The moral of our story is—make sure the content in your blog posts, your emails, even your digital ads is tailored to who you’re trying to reach (your buyer persona) and provides the information that they want to know (depending on where they are in their buyer’s journey).

The wrong message at the wrong time can deter a prospect from wanting to work with you; but the right message at the right time can help move them closer to making a purchase decision—hopefully with your company!

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#2. How Tech Marketers Can Report Performance So Everyone Understands

One of the biggest challenges B2B tech marketers face is interpreting their inbound marketing performance data and relating it to what’s happening with their business.

Our Kiwi marketing strategists use a simple, straightforward framework for understanding the numbers and explaining performance in a way that it makes sense to everyone.

We call it the “What, Why, What, What (W4)” formula (very scientific, we know!).

Here’s the short of it: What happened? Why? So what? What’s next?

By using a step-by-step framework like the W4 formula, you’ll be able to easily sift through the information and harvest the data that is most meaningful to the goals of your business.

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#1.  Top 4 Must-Measure Metrics for Tech Companies

In today’s era of information, being able to gather and understand data, as well as optimize your marketing strategy based on quantitative/qualitative details, will determine the success of your company.

In this blog post, we dive into a few important metrics for tech companies and explain exactly how you should be calculating these “metrics-that-matter”.

After you read this blog post, you’ll want to dive into your own metrics to make sure you’re calculating and reporting what matters most.

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