Six podcasts tech companies need to keep on their radar

Being a marketer in the tech industry means two things: we live extremely busy lives looking for the latest innovations, and we’re constantly under pressure to learn as much as we can in a very short amount of time. So when can we find time to learn more about the industry?

That's where podcasts come in—because podcasts are auditory, rather than written or visual (like blog posts), you can listen to them on the commute to work or have them playing in the background while you’re at the gym. “Not having time” is an excuse of the past.

Here are six podcasts your tech company needs to keep on its radar.

#1 Call to Action

Call to Action is a digital marketing podcast that breaks down both the art and science of the digital marketing world, from strategy and planning to execution, measurement and optimization. Every week offers a different perspective from marketing directors, managers and thought leaders who are driving innovation and growth within the industry.

Our favorite episode… Is Everything the Tech World Says About Marketing Wrong?

This episode features Samuel Scott, Director of Marketing at, who gives his opinion on why the tech marketing world has failed into an echochamber of meaningless buzzwords -- and what can be done about it.

#2 B2B Growth

B2B Growth is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders grow. Each episode features an interview with a B2B Marketing executive or thought leader, discussing topics like: B2B marketing strategy. account-based marketing, content marketing, content creation and much more.

Our favorite episode... How to Write B2B Content That Gets Engagement w/ Robbie Abed

This episode features Robbie Abed, author, ghost writer and executive brand coach. In 2014, he was recognized by LinkedIn for having written the best article on the platform. Abed breaks down how successful companies are creating content that gets passed all the noise to reach their targeted audience.

#3 Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic is hosted by CEO Ralph Burns and VP of Marketing Molly Pittman, the duo uses their voice to reveal the latest marketing strategies on generating leads and sales through paid traffic. Whether you’re a media buying expert, or have yet to create your first Facebook ad, you’ll discover strategies that can be applied to your business today.

Our favorite episode... A Day in the Life of a Media Buyer

Co-host Molly Pittman takes the audience through what her typical day looks like as a media buyer and how she creates campaigns that drive leads and generate sales.

#4 Marketing on Tap

Marketing pros Sam Fiorella and Danny Brown are co-hosts of Marketing on Tap, who get together once a week to discuss the latest marketing hot topics, trends and campaigns, all while washing it down with a craft beer.

Our favorite episode... Influence Marketing, and How Trends and Technology are Impacting It

Sam Fiorella and Danny Brown take a look at how influence marketing has changed since their acclaimed book on the topic was published five years prior. The two debate on whether or not influence marketing is in a better place than it was if brands are using it to gain actual business results.

#5 Hyperlink Radio

Hyperlink Radio explores how we, as consumers, interact with brands, technology and the world around us. The podcasts offer interviews, discussions and in-depth documentaries on a wide variety of topics—from commerce, to climate change and net-neutrality.

Our favorite episode... The Culture of Commerce

This episode features CEO Matthew Gartland and Hyperlink EIC, Janna Marlies Maron in a conversation about branding and the changing culture of modern commerce.

#6 Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is at “the intersection of marketing and technology” discusses marketing tactics, news and strategies. Hosted by self-proclaimed tech-marketing nerds Christopher Penn and John Wall, the duo gives their audience insight on how to leverage the current state of the industry to target audiences.

Our favorite episode... Special Interview with Josh London

Josh London is the CMO of IDG, the world’s largest tech media company. This podcast uncovers the success of IDG’s rebranding campaign, the evolution of the customer experience and recent launches in the technology industry.

No Excuses

So there you have it—six of our favorite tech and marketing podcasts to listen to in 2018. These podcasts are entertaining and full of knowledge from industry experts. They each offer different perspectives on how to achieve marketing success.

Smart marketers will use the little free time they have spent learning about how we can leverage their marketing content to reach consumers. Podcasts are an excellent way to start.