Scotch-Brite: Taking Big Risks for Big Results

In advertising, the key to pushing through the clutter is not being afraid to take risks and think B-I-G. Take Scotch-Brite, for example. Even though they sell a product that isn’t overly exciting (home cleaning items), this didn’t stop them from coming up with a very clever way to promote their dishwashing sponges in São Paul, Brazil.


In order to connect with a younger audience, Scotch-Brite created a unique campaign they named “Wash Your Bill.” They teamed up with local restaurants around São Paulo and offered patrons the chance to wash their dishes (with a Scotch-Brite sponge, of course!) instead of paying the check once they had finished dinner. In my opinion, this was a brilliant campaign for several reasons:

  • It’s clever: everyone knows the cliché of forgetting your wallet and having to wash dishes to pay for your bill. This brings that scenario to life in a funny way.
  • The cost of picking up the tab for a few meals at a restaurant is way less than a traditional media spend for even a single television commercial. And way more memorable.
  • Letting consumers actually use your product in a real-life situation is a great way to prove the quality and value of any item, especially a sponge.
  • It generated that coveted “viral” buzz that most brands can only dream of. Not only did the people who participated in the challenge likely share this experience with their friends via social media (who then re-shared it and so on and so forth), the campaign was also picked up by several media outlets and industry bloggers. Multiplying the reach of your message without spending another dime? Definite win.

Moral of the story is no one likes doing dishes and standing out as a dishwashing sponge certainly isn’t easy. It’s easy to give away BOGO coupons in the Sunday circular, but out-of-the box campaigns like this will really get people talking about your brand. Don’t be afraid to think big when it comes to advertising!

Advertising Agency: Grey 141, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Pedro Cappeletti
Creative Directors: Pedro Cappeletti, Guy Costa
Art Directors: Diogo Dutra, Daniel Prado, Danilo Matos
Copywriters: Pedro Lazera, Paulo Amaral 

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Jessica Laurello

Written by Jessica Laurello

Jessica Laurello is a media specialist with a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University.

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