Should a B2B Tech Company Use an Inbound Marketing Agency?

If you’re a marketing professional at a technology or software company, it goes without saying that you’re busy. Like, insanely busy.

You’re expected to manage the budget, assist the sales team, write content, update the website, attend trade shows, report on metrics…the list of marketing-related tasks is virtually endless.

How in the world are you supposed to manage all of those day-to-day tasks, let alone respond to the pressure from higher-ups to generate even MORE high-quality leads for your sales team?

For many overworked (and understaffed) B2B marketing departments, the answer to creating a well-oiled inbound marketing machine is to engage an outside marketing agency specializing in your specific industry.

Assuming you have the basics handled in-house, here are some other must-have inbound marketing tasks that a specialized marketing agency could help with to keep that inbound lead generation pipeline flowing.

(Pssst…here's a reason to work with an agency: We literally wrote the B2B Tech Marketer's Guide to Inbound!)

Content Writing & Design

You already know you should be publishing a regular stream of content offers and related blog posts, but who has the time to keep up with that? Assigning this ongoing task to a marketing agency ensures high-quality content delivered on deadline…not when you happen to get around to it. (Which would be next quarter. Maybe.)

Gated Downloads

Are you giving away your content for free? A “gated” landing page will require visitors to enter some basic info (name, email, etc.) before downloading your eBook or case study so you can follow up with them appropriately in the future. A marketing agency can set up a landing (and thank you) page template that blends in seamlessly with your existing website design.

Automated Workflows

When someone completes a content download, how do you follow up? Automatically with a phone call? Or not at all? (Hint: both are bad.) Instead, nurture those leads through a series of automated emails via an easy-to-execute workflow, which a marketing agency can set up for you.


Even the most productive marketing professionals need a bit of help from time-to-time. If you can’t get the assistance you need from your in-house team members, don’t be afraid to reach out to a specialized marketing agency for extra support. Once you find that “perfect fit,” a good agency will be just like an extension of your internal team…able to help out with big, ongoing campaigns or small day-to-day tasks.

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Greg Palya

Written by Greg Palya

Greg Palya is Kiwi Creative's resident HubSpot expert and Digital Marketing Strategist. He handles all internal and client work related to content creation and promotion.

B2B Tech Marketer's Guide to Inbound

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