Summer Internship Review: Highlights from a Kiwi Creative Intern

This summer has most definitely been one I will never forget and a great part of that is because of the wonderful team here at Kiwi Creative. Being an intern has its stresses, for sure, but I could not have been more fortunate in my interning experience this summer because I've learned so much about myself and the industry I want to work in. Throughout this summer, I have been able to apply my creative knowledge through real-life design work and one-on-one contact with actual clients…what more could any intern want?

That being said, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite parts about being a summer intern at Kiwi Creative:

1. Doing real design work. (I was given the opportunity to work on one pro bono logo design and one logo/business card branding project for real clients.)

2. Following industry blogs. (This helped me learn about things going on in the creative world which I otherwise never would have known about; this soon became one of my favorite tasks!)

3. Writing for Kiwi's blog. (I had never really explored the world of blogs before this and writing posts for Kiwi has shown me the creative expression it allows.)

4. Maintaining Kiwi's Twitter and Facebook. (I was really able to see what a good tweet/post needed to consist of and learned the real purpose of social media and its potential for small businesses.)

5. Going to lunch with professionals. (Unlike many of my friends' internships, my boss took me to a few lunches where I was able to meet professionals in the communications industry. This included meeting everyone from a printing rep to a copywriter which gave me a good feel for what those jobs actually entail.)

6. Going on field trips. (While working at Kiwi, I got to tour local Cleveland print shop extraordinaire: Jakprints. This let me see the back end of how our designs actually become reality. I also got to see the American Greetings HQ and, just for fun, tried out some anti-gravity yoga at our neighbors, Synergy Sports Massage.)

7. The atmosphere of Kiwi Creative. (The small size allowed me to get to know the team at Kiwi and get the most out of my experience here while learning from industry pros.)

8. Learning. (Throughout my entire internship, the Kiwi team has made sure I continued learning. Whether it was a pop quiz on industry terms or a mock client meeting, I was always learning something new to prepare me for the next step: real life.)

If you're skeptical because I had nothing negative to say, I will comment that the worst part was getting stuck in Cleveland rush hour traffic during my 60-minute commute. But overall, the opportunity to interact with people that are doing what I want to do after school has definitely inspired me to keep bettering myself as a future creative of the world.

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Jessica Laurello

Written by Jessica Laurello

Jessica Laurello is a media specialist with a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University.

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