Tech Marketers: How do you compare to your peers?

It’s been a wild year in marketing. HubSpot has announced that the funnel is dead, replaced by its more-refined younger brother, “the flywheel”, chat bots and conversational marketing is all the rage, and Adobe made waves with the purchase of marketing automation giant Marketo.

AND, we still have a few more months left to see if anything (or anyone!) else is going to rock the industry before we sneak into 2019.

What that leaves us tech marketers with for 2019 is a bit of an open question—considering what we’ve learned as an industry in 2018, what should my 2019 marketing plan look like?

For many marketers, 2019 planning is well underway, and strategic marketing plans for the new year usually have to hit the boss’s desk in early December. What was that? It’s October already?! It’s go-time!

In order to put together a rockstar plan, you can sift through 1000s of articles and press releases, or analyze all 6,829 vendors in the Martech5000. But we know that marketing for software and tech is unique—it’s fast-paced, and it often requires the very best tools and tactics.

To develop the best possible marketing plan for your software & tech company, you’ll have a leg-up if you keep a close eye on what similar organizations are doing.

And that is precisely why we are surveying software and tech marketers now for our 2019 Marketing in Tech State of the Industry Report.

If benchmark data would help you form a better 2019 marketing plan, take the 8-minute survey to 1. make sure your perspective is taken into account and 2. to receive a copy of the final report.

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You don’t have spare time to waste to try tactics that haven’t worked for anyone else… learn what’s working and what’s not from other marketers, sales reps and business leaders in software & tech.

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2019 planning, here we come!

If you’re just as excited as we are about the data, read on for some early findings.

What are tech marketers up to today?

Survey responses are still rolling in, but here’s a few things we’re seeing so far:

While the concept of inbound marketing has been front and center in the marketing world for over 10 years, more than 50% of respondents say that their primary marketing philosophy is still a good balance of inbound AND outbound tactics. Outbound isn’t dead!

Only 3% of early respondents are relying only on paid media spend for new business, which shows that for most organizations, it takes a variety of channels and tactics to be successful.

Driving qualified leads continues to be the #1 KPIs for most tech marketers, with about 30% being primarily focused on net new leads, MQLs, and SQLs as their main goal.

22% of tech marketers have to take it a step further—about a quarter of respondents have driving not just leads, but creating new opportunities from those leads as their primary KPI.

You are probably not going to be surprised by most tech marketers' biggest challenge, but if the trend continues, you might be as surprised as we are to see what the most successful source of leads is for software & tech companies.

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What’s in store for 2019?

To put together the best marketing plan possible for 2019, you have to understand what your peers are doing. We can learn from each other “what’s working?” and “what’s not?” and then ultimately, move this industry forward together.

Click here to take the 8-minute survey to 1. make sure your perspective is taken into account and 2. to receive a copy of the final report and 3. to grab a $5 Starbucks gift card (hurry - while supplies last!)

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