How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Creative Studio

When potential clients visit our studio for the first time, it’s a lot like going on a date with someone you don’t really know. (I mean, aside from what tidbits you can gather online through cyber stalking.) We need to get to know each other—our personalities, our styles, our “family” members—in order to establish a comfortable working relationship.

The only real difference between dating and new business meetings? You don’t need to bring us flowers or chocolate. Instead, come prepared with these crucial pieces of information:

Company Background

It's important that businesses have a clear vision of who they are and what makes them unique. These are like the first 10 "getting-to-know-you" minutes that you experience on a first date. Are you located in a sweet office downtown? Has your company been around for generations? Do you do something exceptionally well? We want to hear about it.

Customer Psychographics

In order to market well, we need to understand who your customers are. It's not just their age or income we're concerned about (although those are important qualities in a suitor), but their personalities—what they like to do, where they do it and what matters to them.

Current Marketing Materials

Be sure to bring in all of your printed marketing materials (brochures, postcards, etc.). We'll want to talk about what you like or don't like about them. Does your company have brand standards that we need to follow? Bring that information along, too.

Design Inspiration

This is the part of the date where you show us what you love. Bring some examples of creative graphic design that you like—whether it's in the same industry or not. We're not going to copy, but your design preferences will guide our general creative direction.

Chain of Command

We understand that not all decisions can be made without consulting with other team members or your boss, so it's critical that we know who will be involved in what phases of the project. Who needs to give final approval for the newly designed pieces? Many design studios have a set number of revisions allowed per your contract, so be sure to include the decision maker in the beginning of the approval process.


When you plan a date, you usually have a general idea of how much money and time you want to spend—you wouldn't pick a slow restaurant before a movie and you wouldn't forget your wallet (hopefully!). You can have a great first date whether you pick fast food or a five start restaurant downtown—the same idea applies with us. A budget and timeline help us give you the best "bang for your buck."

Arrive at your date's door with these six pieces of information and your creative studio will fall madly in love with you. Being prepared puts first date jitters aside and allows a great working relationship to bloom. Feelin' ready to ask us out? Contact us today.