Super Bowl Ad Teases: Digital Integrated Marketing Done Right

Football, schmootball. Everyone knows the Super Bowl is all about the commercials, right!? (Er, can you tell I'm not a sports fan?)

It used to be that advertisers would keep their high-budget TV spots under wraps until the big day. But now, much to this digital marketer's delight, brands are realizing the power that comes in building up hype before their commercials air.

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The Social Bowl: Super Bowl 2013 Social Media Trends

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest television event of the year. (The presidential inauguration paled in comparison – only 20.6 million viewers.) Last year’s game garnered about 111.3 million viewers, and this year’s game is supposed to be the most watched in history. With America’s attention fixed on the game, social media was blowing up (and literally fusing out; I anxiously waited for Twitter to revive itself a few times).

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The 'Wrap' on Vehicle Wraps: 4 Tips to Consider Before Installing Car Graphics

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a vehicle completely wrapped in an advertisement: it caught my attention so much so that I nearly rear-ended the person in front of me! Since then, that form of advertising has spread like wildfire; nowadays, I’m always passing by at least a few vehicles each day that are completely “wrapped.” After I started working at Kiwi Creative, however, it didn’t take me long to realize that while this tactic seems simple, the behind-the-scenes process is quite complex.

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Advertising & Tattoos: Same Rules Apply

 Tattoos are one of the oldest (and most permanent!) forms of advertising and design. So before you get inked, you’ll need to think like the pros over here at Kiwi Creative and consider these three components that are a part of any good advertising campaign:

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Want to succeed in advertising? Then don't do this.

After being in the advertising and marketing business for just a short while, I’ve realized that there’s an extreme amount of “ad junk” floating around out there. Sure, there are some awesome campaigns like this and this and this, but the vast majority of advertising out there is crap. To keep your brand’s advertising out of this category, follow these easy “do not” tips, brought to you by the advertising strategists at Kiwi Creative:

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Three Easy Steps to an Effective Media Plan

As consumers, we encounter advertising multiple times throughout our day-to-day lives. And while we might stop a second to appreciate the clever copy or creative graphic design behind an ad, we often fail to recognize the strategic planning that goes behind the placement of these ads. (After all, what good is a brilliant billboard for a local community college if it appears right next to a fuddy-duddy retirement home?)

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Arrested for DUI? Smart Lawyer Advertises on Bar's Wristband.

As a college kid home on summer break, I discovered this interesting advertisement on my wrist after a night of drinking with friends. I actually didn’t realize what the wristband said until I went to take it off the next day, but I have to say it did make me “lol” because it was such a brilliant advertising strategy for a law office specializing in DUI defense. (And no, I didn’t drive drunk…my friend gave me a ride home from the bar.) 

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Milk's Favorite Cookie Takes A Stand: Rainbow Oreo Supports Pride Month on Facebook

June is Pride Month for the LGBT community and while most big brands shy away from taking a stance on controversial social issues, Oreo has publicly backed the cause by posting this simple picture on their Facebook page.

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Scotch-Brite: Taking Big Risks for Big Results

In advertising, the key to pushing through the clutter is not being afraid to take risks and think B-I-G. Take Scotch-Brite, for example. Even though they sell a product that isn’t overly exciting (home cleaning items), this didn’t stop them from coming up with a very clever way to promote their dishwashing sponges in São Paul, Brazil.

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Taco Bell: Thank You For Suing Us

Where's the beef?

According to a pending lawsuit against Taco Bell, it ain't in their tacos.

For a company that servers over 2 billion customers at 5,800+ restaurant locations every year, that's a pretty inflammatory accusation (which they adamantly deny, btw).

Taco Bell was quick to flex their PR muscles by going into full damage control mode, but the most impressive part of their strategy involved taking out full-page, color newspaper ads across the country with the giant headline: "Thank you for suing us. Here's the truth about our seasoned beef."

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