Vampires and Diet Soda

Anyone who has spent, oh, more than five minutes in my presence knows that two of my favorite things in life are vampires and diet soda. More specifically, I'm borderline obsessed with HBO's True Blood and Coca-Cola's grapefruit-flavored soft drink, Fresca.

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Digital billboards are sooo last year... the newest product to hit the outdoor advertising market is SCENTED billboards.

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Best-Ever Advertising Taglines

 With the help of 10 powerhouse CMOs and advertising experts, Forbes recently released their list of the 25 best-ever advertising taglines.

Here's a recap of their top 10 picks:

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1001 Classic Commercials

OK, I'll admit it. My husband and are big ol' dorks. Since we don't have any kids (yet), we buy each other presents from our two cats (Miko and Izzie) on holidays normally reserved for human parents. This year, my furry babies knew exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day: the DVD "1001 Classic Commercials" from the $4.99 value bin at Borders.

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Why are tampon ads so obnoxious?

Sometimes in advertising, it's a good idea to take a step back and see if you've fallen into a creative rut. If you have, the best remedy is undoubtedly to make fun of yourself. Works every time...

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