The Logo Rainbow: Applying Color Theory To Logo Design

There are literally millions of logos around the world in every color imaginable, but have you ever wondered WHY certain brands choose certain colors? As consumers, we don’t always realize what each color means to us and how it affects our emotions. But top brands are in on the secrets of color theory and are using it to their advantage to break through the clutter and stand out from their competitors. If you're looking to create a great logo design, start by reading up on the emotions that go along with these specific colors:

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Gap’s Logo: The Battle of Old vs. New

Holy Helvetica!

Just four days after its controversial debut, Gap's new "contemporary and current" logo is already history.

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Pepsi's New Logo - Pure Genius or Utter Bullshit?

What does $1 million and five months buy you? If you're Pepsi, a brand-new logo. And a 27-page rationale chalked full of complete bullshit.

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