Why Wireframes Will Help Your B2B Tech Website Redesign

If you’ve been through the process before then you know that redesigning a B2B tech website is a big job and involves a variety of people across different roles at a company. Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) getting everyone on the same page...

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Create Amazing DIY Social Media Graphics For Your B2B SaaS Business Using These Four Tools

Have you been spending a ton of time writing and scheduling your social media content but are not seeing the engagement you want? Perhaps you're forgetting one crucial element that could really grab your audience's attention: graphics. Great...

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The 4 Most Common Website Design Problems in Tech

In all my years of marketing experience, I've seen my fair share of website design problems on B2B software and tech sites. Look, we get it: B2B technology isn’t always the sexiest line of business and rarely gets the fanfare and attention that...

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3 of the Best B2B Graphic Design Tips for Tech Companies

In experience working with Marketing Managers at B2B software and technology companies we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to print and web design.

So whether you have an in-house creative department or are using an outside...

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Is Bad Stock Photography Hurting Your B2B Tech Branding?

We’ve all seen cringe-worthy stock photography (hopefully on your competitors’ websites and not your own!). But nowadays, there’s high-quality, affordable imagery available for purchase online.

Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks on...
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How to Design a B2B Tech or SaaS Website That Isn't Boring

Feeling like your B2B software or technology website is, well, a bit boring? You’re not alone…many marketing managers struggle with how to “spruce up” text-heavy pages without embarking on a total website redesign.

Here are our favorite tips for...

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Should a B2B Tech Company Use an Inbound Marketing Agency?

If you’re a marketing professional at a technology or software company, it goes without saying that you’re busy. Like, insanely busy.

You’re expected to manage the budget, assist the sales team, write content, update the website, attend trade...

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Kiwi Creative Wins Three Website Design Awards

Congrats to our website design and development team who took home three awards at GDUSA’s 2016 American Web Design Awards.

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Say What? Deciphering Website Design Acronyms

Here at Kiwi Creative, we tend to steer clear of most marketing buzzwords. (You won’t hear us wanting to “circle back about that touchpoint by EOD.”) However in our industry and within Cleveland's graphic design scene there are some acronyms that...

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The Rise of Infographic Design

If you’re in the marcom industry (and haven’t been living under a rock), you’ve almost certainly heard the term “inbound marketing” or “content marketing” over the past several years. For already overworked marketing managers, this means...

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