Graphic Design: You Get What You Pay For

I've recently developed a bit of an obsession with cleverly-designed infographics (check out this blogger's Top 10 of 2010), so this Venn diagram definitely had me chuckling to myself this afternoon. So funny. So sad. So true.

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The newest word mash-up phenom: Wordshop

I love it when pop culture word mash-ups make their way into everyday language.  You know, witty sayings like "sexting" (sex + texting) or "bromance" (bros aka male friends + romance), just to name a few.

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Cavs Owner Lashes Out at LeBron... Using Comic Sans

It's official: LeBron is LeGone.

Sure, that sucks. Bad. But what I'm REALLY up in arms about is that hate-filled "open letter to fans" written by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

No, I'm not upset about the content. That was pretty hysterical, actually. I just can't believe that the entire email was written in COMIC SANS!

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The Font Game for iPhone/iPod touch

Yes, I shelled out 99¢ to download "The Font Game" on my iPhone.  And I just kicked its ass! 30/30 in 1:40... if i can shave a few seconds off my time, I'll achieve eternal glory in the app's "Hall of Fame." Hey, you've gotta have goals in life, right?

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Apple sells one million iPads. In only 28 days.

As a self-admitted Apple junkie, I'm a bit embarrassed to say I was initially skeptical of the "revolutionary" iPad. I mean, come on... it's just a larger version of the iPhone (which I l-o-v-e, btw), right? Sure, the larger screen is drool-worthy, but who wants to tote that thing around? And the price? Oy vey.

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Studio Sweet Studio

Designers tend to get a bunch of freebies in the mail. Photographers' portfolios, invitations to ad contests with ridiculously high entry fees... most of it's glorified junk mail. But not this beauty. Not only was this poster spared from the trash can, but it's been hanging up on the wall right over my monitor since the day I got it. I like to think it brings a little bit of vintage, country charm to my office.

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Web site or website?

April 16, 2010 will be a day for the history books. At least if you're a grammar geek.

That's the day that the word "Web site" officially changed to "website." That's right folks: according to the newest version of the AP Stylebook, aka "The Journalist's Bible," it's now officially one word, all lowercase. (Not that you haven't already been writing it that way for years...)

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HTML head tag earrings

I  make most of my own jewelry from scratch, so I tend to be pretty darn picky when it comes to earrings. But I just can't get over how absolutely hysterical this cute little pair is – perfect for anyone who knows the importance of closing their head tags!

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