The Must-Track Metrics & KPIs at B2B Tech Trade Shows

Tech marketers are used to tracking metrics and report on KPIs (key performance indicators) in the digital world. After all, website traffic, CTRs and CPC are all super easy to calculate, thanks to our friend Google. But what happens when...

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Tech Companies Should Use Social Media to Increase Lead Gen at Trade Shows

Can’t afford an expensive sponsorship at a tech trade show or event? Hop on the free promotional bandwagon by participating in social media instead. Chances are your tech or software company has posted at least one generic “come visit us at booth...

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How to Assemble a Tech Trade Show Dream Team

If you’re not one of the lucky tech companies who has a full-time staff of salespeople just for events, you’ve probably had to rely on non-sales employees to man (or wo-man!) your trade show booth in the past. It may also be difficult to align...

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How to Identify the Best Trade Shows For Your B2B Tech Company

Trade shows are expensive and time-consuming. (Duh.) Pick the wrong one and you’ve wasted several thousand dollars of your marketing budget. Pick the right one and you’ll leave with several qualified leads…and maybe even a few customers. 

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2019's Hottest Jobs in a B2B Tech Marketing Department

2019 has started and not skipped a beat by keeping all of us busy. As work begins to pile up and deadlines arrive, we bet you wish there were copies of yourself to help get it all done. Well, maybe there is a way to “copy” yourself to get more...

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The Flywheel Revolution: Bringing Customer Service into Your B2B Tech Marketing Plan

The funnel has retired, and the flywheel has taken its place. Your tech sales and marketing efforts should no longer be focused on spitting out a customer at the end of the process, but instead, leveraging your customer even after the sale has...

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Why is B2B Tech Marketing so Hard?

We all know B2B marketing usually gets the short end of the stick.

Marketing strategy approaches are often lumped in with B2C strategies, only with some slight differences. It’s a logical decision, not an emotional one. You’re selling to...

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Top 4 Must-Measure Marketing Metrics for Tech Companies

There are two types of people in the tech marketing world: those who dream in pivot tables and VLOOKUPs, and those who secretly wish a cyber attack on the makers of Excel.

Whatever your personality, data is imperative to the success of your tech...

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SEO for B2B Tech Companies: How to Identify Less Competitive Keywords

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a long time, you might find yourself fighting the same ongoing battles with two to three of your top competitors. One week you’re ahead in rankings, the next you’re not .       b2b tech seo services

It might be...

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Trade Show Survival Guide Part Two: Five During-the-Show Tips

You’ve planned and prepped – finally the trade show is here! Your team of marketers and social media mavens is ready to make some killer connections and impressions. Follow these tips for an effective trade show experience:

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