The Must-Track Metrics & KPIs at B2B Tech Trade Shows

Tech marketers are used to tracking metrics and report on KPIs (key performance indicators) in the digital world. After all, website traffic, CTRs and CPC are all super easy to calculate, thanks to our friend Google. But what happens when...

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Tech Companies Should Use Social Media to Increase Lead Gen at Trade Shows

Can’t afford an expensive sponsorship at a tech trade show or event? Hop on the free promotional bandwagon by participating in social media instead. Chances are your tech or software company has posted at least one generic “come visit us at booth...

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How to Assemble a Tech Trade Show Dream Team

If you’re not one of the lucky tech companies who has a full-time staff of salespeople just for events, you’ve probably had to rely on non-sales employees to man (or wo-man!) your trade show booth in the past. It may also be difficult to align...

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How to Identify the Best Trade Shows For Your B2B Tech Company

Trade shows are expensive and time-consuming. (Duh.) Pick the wrong one and you’ve wasted several thousand dollars of your marketing budget. Pick the right one and you’ll leave with several qualified leads…and maybe even a few customers. 

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Lose the Stress Ball: 3 Fool-Proof Giveaways for B2B Tech Trade Shows

Scan your desk. Count the number of pens, trinkets and stickers you’ve picked up at a tech trade show. If you’ve been to even a couple of events over the past year, chances are you’ve kept the practical giveaways and ditched the rest. While promo...

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The Basics of ASMR: A Sensory Experience Trend for B2B Tech Marketing

Love it or hate it, you have to admit the ability to make your audience feel REAL sensation is some next level shit. Even YouTube influencers have found a whole method to connect with their audience in an addictive sort of way. ASMR (Autonomous...

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Planning For Success: How Real-Life Tech Marketers Define & Hit Goals

Time to talk numbers! B2B software and technology marketers keep track of crazy amounts of data, ranging from website traffic stats, to strategy ROI dollars and everything in between. With all of that data, what actually defines success? Over 100...

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Follow Up Email Templates for B2B Tech Sales

B2B tech sales is a unique animal. B2B buyers often have to involve multiple decision-makers, and the implementation of a new technology platform can change the very fundamentals of a business.

These complex, technical product offerings translate...

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Developing a Lead Qualification Matrix for Your B2B Tech Company

What makes a lead “qualified” at your software or tech company? If you answered “someone with a need and a budget,” then you need to get a little more specific. (Okay…a lot more specific.)

Think about your customers. Now, think about the...

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11 Most Effective Sales Enablement Metrics for B2B Tech Marketers


As you probably already know, success comes down to numbers.

Both sales and marketing teams have goals they need to hit to prove the value of their efforts. Marketing gurus know the typical KPIs on the marketing side, but in order to really...

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