Why Tech Companies in the USA Need to be Concerned with GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is only for European-based businesses, right? WRONG!

Even if your software or technology company doesn’t have a single office or employee overseas, it doesn't matter because the law actually applies...

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Five Legal Compliance Tweaks Tech Marketers Can Make Today

The GDPR went into effect in May 2018…but has your tech company gone back and audited your marketing compliance since then? If not, here are five of our favorite (and actually pretty easy!) ways to up your legal compliance game online.

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How to Use Email to Nurture Post-Webinar Leads

Emails and webinars go together like PB+J…you use email before your webinar to generate registrations—from which 57% of webinar registrations are secured—but are you falling short on email follow-up after? If you're just doing one "thanks for...

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How to Create High-Impact Emails Aligned to the Tech Buying Journey

Let’s set the scene…you’re a tech marketer who has been diligently sending out a few emails a month for general lead nurturing purposes. Open rates are okay-ish, but click-through rates are poor.

You’ve tried testing subject lines, adding...

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Top 4 Must-Measure Marketing Metrics for Tech Companies

There are two types of people in the tech marketing world: those who dream in pivot tables  and those who secretly wish a cyber attack on the makers of Excel.

Whatever your personality, data is imperative to the success of your tech business: you...

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Where Your Marketing Plan Should Really Begin

We need a website redesign. No, we need more leads. Why aren't we blogging? Is our website optimized? 

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Three Under-Utilized Digital Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

Powerful Tactics to Drive Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition to Your B2B Tech Brand

The tech industry is competitive, and marketers are constantly looking for new opportunities to attract qualified leads, nurture them through the sales...

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Your Guide to HubSpot Course for B2B Tech Companies

HubSpot is a powerful tool to tie all your marketing, sales and service efforts together. While HubSpot offers all the bells and whistles you could wish for to help your tech company grow, it can feel daunting to know where to start. HubSpot...

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Why Fresh Content is Essential for Tech Website SEO Ranking

“Content is King” is a familiar phrase in the marketing world and for good reason. Bill Gates coined the phrase in 1996 in an essay and it rings even truer today. However, now leading into 2021, we need to take it a step further than that and...

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Should you gate or ungate your tech company’s content? That is the question.

You are a tech marketer looking to develop exceptional content that drives brand awareness, generates qualified leads and performs as a sales tool to nurture prospects through the sales cycle. You’re wrestling with a decision: what content will...

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