ICYMI: Recap of TechConnect, Goodybye Funnel, Hello Flywheel

As we approach the new year, what better time to dive into a topic that’s shifting the way we think about marketing as a whole.

Jacob Carlson, Principal Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, flew in from Boston to headline this month’s TechConnect meetup.

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3 Unexpected Things Marketers Should Be Thankful for in 2018

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and to think about what we have to be thankful for.

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Your B2B Tech Buyer Persona is Probably Outdated

If you’re anything like many of the software and tech companies we work with, your buyer persona probably goes something like this...

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PR Tips for Your B2B Tech Company (plus a free email pitch template!)

Unlike B2C companies, like Starbucks or Adidas, the technology B2B space is more exclusive or super-techy, making public relations efforts a bit more challenging. Tech B2B companies don’t require recognition from the average consumer. Instead, they look to other companies who can benefit from their product or service.

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Our Secrets to Link Building for Tech Companies

Link building is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO, but possibly has the most pay-off in terms of domain rankings.

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ICYMI: Recap of “The State of Tech Marketing after GDPR”

GDPR pandemonium has caused a lot of stress and confusion for tech marketers. How compliant does your organization need to be, even if you don’t do business in the EU?

While not the “sexiest” topic in marketing, it is important for all marketers to make sure you understand the ins-and-outs and establish your plan.

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The Ultimate Dictionary of Advanced B2B Marketing Terms

A-Z of B2B Marketing Terminology

You’ve seen a million and one blog posts on marketing terminology and business jargon, but here, we’re kicking it up a notch. Here is your guide to advanced B2B marketing terms.

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These two [odd] prompts will help you better define your tech company's messaging

In any successful marketing plan, you have to start with a deep understanding of your target audience and your unique value prop.

Before any good marketer can develop a campaign or plan, we have to start there. And to get that information, we could ask things like, “who is your primary and secondary target audience?” or “what is your key value proposition?.” Or best yet, “tell me about your market position map and key differentiators.”

BUT, what we’ve found is that those marketing-first questions elicit a little too much “fluff.”

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Free, cheap and (mostly) easy tactics to promote your tech business

Chances are, you’re not working with an unlimited budget.

Whether you’re a tech start-up or a billion dollar tech giant, quick-win promotional tactics can always come in handy.

Here’s a quick list of a variety of tactics to promote your tech business today.

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Tech Marketers: How do you compare to your peers?

It’s been a wild year in marketing. HubSpot has announced that the funnel is dead, replaced by its more-refined younger brother, “the flywheel”, chat bots and conversational marketing is all the rage, and Adobe made waves with the purchase of marketing automation giant Marketo.

AND, we still have a few more months left to see if anything (or anyone!) else is going to rock the industry before we sneak into 2019.

What that leaves us tech marketers with for 2019 is a bit of an open question—considering what we’ve learned as an industry in 2018, what should my 2019 marketing plan look like?

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