"2 Broke Girls" & Their Unrealistically Cheap Cupcake Website

My husband has a li'l obsession with the CBS comedy "2 Broke Girls." (Well, more like he has a crush on Max, the sassy waitress played by Kat Dennings [the one on the left.]) And, being the good wife that I am (ha!), I've watched every single episode with him.

For those not familiar with the show, two waitresses are trying to launch a cupcake venture out of their (unrealistically large) apartment in Brooklyn so they can ditch their crappy lifestyle and become rich n' famous. As part of their journey, business-smart Caroline (who mentions that she has an MBA from Wharton in just about every episode) decides that they need to build a website to boost cupcake sales. She finds a super hot web designer (who she ends up hooking up with) to build their site for $600. But in a future episode, she remarks how disappointed she is that her "expensive" website hasn't resulted in a single sale.

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Why I'm asking for your design and marketing budget

When I ask the all-important (and much dreaded) "what's your budget" question to new clients, I almost always get the same response: "I'm not really sure. Can't you tell me how much it will cost?" My answer? Not really.

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Choosing a Designer Is A Lot Like Buying A Car

Choosing a good designer is a lot like picking out your next car; there are lots of options (style, cost, speed, etc.) and you should weigh all of them carefully to find the best option for you.

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How To Work With a Graphic Designer

You're a small business owner and need to hire a designer to create a logo. Or a website. Or a postcard. Or an insert-your-own-creative-project-here.

Before you get started, check out this insider's guide chock-full of valuable tips to make your first experience working with a graphic designer a positive one.

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I'm mad as hell… SPEC YOU!

UPDATE: Please read the comments section for a response from Domtar and Bryn Mooth, the editor of HOW.

I write about a lot of funny and lighthearted topics here in my blog. But today I want to express my opinion on a very serious issue for visual communications professionals: spec work, otherwise known as "crowdsourcing."

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Graphic Design: You Get What You Pay For

I've recently developed a bit of an obsession with cleverly-designed infographics (check out this blogger's Top 10 of 2010), so this Venn diagram definitely had me chuckling to myself this afternoon. So funny. So sad. So true.

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The 8 Types of Bad Creative Critics

Ain't this the truth…

Share your most memorable stories of campaigns gone horribly wrong,
as well as your best solutions to deal with problem clients!

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