Trade Show Survival Guide Part Three: Five Post-Show Tips

Congrats! The hardest part is over, but you’re not completely off the hook. There are a few very important steps to make sure the trade show was all worth your time.

1. Encourage your team (and yourself).

Your team just expended all their energy at a trade show. They’re tired. Their brains hurt. (Hopefully they had a day or so to recoup.) Before putting your minds back to work in a debriefing session, show your appreciation with a thank you note or gift card to their favorite coffee spot. Small gestures go a long way. 

2.  Debrief on your first day back on the office.

There’s no avoiding it; this must be done before all is forgotten. Take half an hour to decide which tactics worked and which didn’t. Consider your location in the exhibition space, your booth layout, your elevator pitch, the freebies you gave out and if they were worth the money.

3. Follow up.

In our last post, Part Two: Five During-the-Show Tips, I explained the A, B and C lead system. By now, your leads should be categorized. Remember the time frame for each lead. “A”s should have already been emailed, “B”s were given a few days, and “C”s were given about a week. Check back to see where you are in your sales cycle. Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce works great to keep you organized.

4. Tailor your PR efforts.

Our first post of the series, which included pre-show tips, explained how to start engaging your audiences before the show. Now that the show is over, consider writing a summary piece about the event and repurposing it for a press release, blog post, social media, video, etc. Maximize your efforts!

5.  You’re gonna hate me, but…

…Start taking the initial steps for your next promotional event. Use what you know from the last one to research other opportunities and why they may be beneficial (or why you won’t be attending another trade show). Being ahead of the game never hurt anybody, right?

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Candace Graves

Written by Candace Graves

Candace Graves is a digital marketing specialist with a degree in Public Relations from Baldwin Wallace University.

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