What Does Your Product's Packaging Say About Your Brand?

Americans spend billions of dollars every year to look our very best. Whether it’s wearing expensive designer clothes or simply making sure our hair is brushed before we leave the house, we all recognize the importance of making a good first impression. But why is it then that some brands don’t think the same thing applies to their products? To determine if your brand is putting off the right visual image, the designers at Kiwi Creative recommend starting with three simple questions:

  1. What does my brand stand for and who am I trying to sell my brand to?
  2. What type of person would be attracted to my product's current package design?
  3. Do the answers to questions one and two compliment each other? If not, then you’ve got a problem.

Because customers often make gut-reaction buying decisions (versus extensively comparing the pros vs. cons of competing products), it’s important to have an up-to-date logo, easy-to-read product names and and an appealing color scheme to grab someone’s visual attention. For example, one study found that while people actually preferred the flavor of Prego (the pasta sauce) in a blind taste test, they were more likely to buy Classico because they thought the label looked more sophisticated.

This study proves what designers have known all along: good graphic design could be the difference between a person putting your product into their cart or leaving it on the shelf without taking a second look. And because you’ve only got that one critical moment to make an impact, it’s important to hire a professional graphic designer to craft your brand’s visual image. Don’t leave something this important to an amateur (or worse yet, do it yourself); a real designer will always make sure your brand’s visual identity will match its values and target customers.


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Jessica Laurello

Written by Jessica Laurello

Jessica Laurello is a media specialist with a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University.

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