Why marketing data makes tech marketers feel so good

The past couple weeks, I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time with data, and I think I’m in love.


I’m using data to determine the next campaign strategy. I’m using data to make the case for an increased marketing budget. I’m using data to determine the right chat prompts for specific pages on a website.

All too often, marketers only take a look at their marketing metrics once a month. And sometimes, marketers only have the time to take a look at the data momentarily, just enough time to piece it together and present it to leadership.

Sure, you need to make sure you’re setting aside the time to evaluate the data at least once a month.

But sometimes, the most insightful information is uncovered when you dive into the data to answer every day business questions.

For example, if you’ve hit writer’s block, take a look at your all-time highest performing blog posts for inspiration. Is there a theme between the top few? Can you write something that expands on your most popular post?

Or if you can’t decide between a short or long-form eBook, run a report to see which type of content drives the best action.

Especially in an industry as fast-paced as tech, marketing data should be accessible to answer everyday business questions.

One way to make your data more accessible is to implement a data visualization aggregator like Databox.

Databox example

Pulling forward multiple data sources into one place makes it easy to quickly jump into the data, instead of having to jump from datasource to datasource.

If the data is tucked away in multiple systems, it’s that much less likely that you are going to reference it regularly. 

Databox example

 And, when you pull data into a single, easy to use dashboard, you can keep key metrics front-and-center. LinkedIn followers by industry they work in, Facebook followers by age groups, and mentions on Twitter can all play a role in the marketing activities you do everyday; marketing tactics only get better when the data is right in front of you.


Kiwi Creative is a Databox Certified Partner.

Databox Partners have completed specialized trainings in order to ensure they have the highest level of knowledge on creating reports and rolling them out to their clients. They know how to get the results their clients are looking for, and clearly show that in near real time reports

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