Colleen Kline

Colleen Kline
Colleen is Kiwi Creative’s project manager, who just happens to have a boatload of marketing experience and a background in web and digital project coordination. When not deep in HubSpot, Colleen spends her time cuddling cats or engrossed in Harry Potter and crime dramas.

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3 Easy Ways to Kick Off Sales Enablement at Your Tech Company

Strategic sales enablement isn’t necessarily a quick process or one-time fix. It involves the upfront work of auditing resources and interviewing your sales team, followed by the process of creating the sales materials that will speak to your buyers during the final stages of their buyer’s journey.

So, while a strategic sales enablement initiative can sound like a big undertaking that will bring you nothing less than a laundry list of improvements—don’t stress!

Easy for us to say, right? can’t tackle every task on your list immediately, so prioritize quick wins that will help you show immediate results (not to mention gain buy-in for more elaborate or costly sales enablement initiatives—like technology—in the future!). Check out three quick improvements that can kick-off sales enablement at your tech company today whether you’re a lone marketer or equipped with a small but mighty team.

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3 Creative Ways to Build B2B Tech Thought Leadership on a Budget

You’ve done your research, defined your buyer persona and found out where your target audience hangs out.

Now what?

Time to compare your list of channels to your target cost per lead (CPL) and your budget. What do you have leftover to work with?

Chances are, if you're not working for a multi-billion dollar tech corporation, then you’re probably working with a limited budget. And because B2B companies gain 14% of their leads from SEO alone, it stands to reason that a huge budget isn’t necessary anyway!

So, how are you supposed to help grow your business with little-to-no extra marketing budget?

Check out a few of our creative and budget-friendly ideas that will help showcase your industry expertise, build brand awareness and attract organic leads so that you can grow your case for an increased future marketing budget.

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How to be a Tech Company with a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

You’re a B2B tech company. You have a great product, service or software. And, you’ve got a pretty okay website (or maybe you don’t) that explains who you are and the value your company can provide.

While those are all good things, 60% of B2B decision-makers say that content provided by companies helps them make smarter buying decisions (Marketo, 2015). So, if you’re not leveraging content marketing, you could be missing out on dozens or even hundreds of potential customers.

“But why does my B2B tech company need a content marketing strategy?”

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