Updated SEO Tricks for Tech Companies in 2019

If you really want to be ahead of the digital marketing game, it’s not enough to keep an eye on the SEO latest trends, you should also foresee some of them.

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A Tech-Marketer’s Guide to Understanding SEO

Did you know that the majority of online experiences begin with a search engine, and nearly 75% of inquiries start on Google?

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Back from Inbound, now what? Our actual to-do list

Another successful Inbound in Boston!

We’ve all settled back into our weekly routines (mostly) and are getting back into the swing of things. The only big difference is that our brains are now billowing with all kinds of new information, industry insights and recommendations from some of the biggest names in marketing… plus a few extra noteworthy names.

As an agency that works exclusively with software & tech companies, we know just how important it is to move quick and get things done after one of the biggest marketing conferences in marketing.

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Six podcasts tech companies need to keep on their radar

Being a marketer in the tech industry means two things: we live extremely busy lives looking for the latest innovations, and we’re constantly under pressure to learn as much as we can in a very short amount of time. So when can we find time to learn more about the industry?

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What it’s really like being a Marketing Intern at a tech company

Nowadays, most marketing degree programs require students to complete an internship in addition to the standard courses. Internships benefit both students and employers, as students often lack hands-on job experience, and employers may need an extra set of hands or a fresh pair of eyes.

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Digital marketing trends tech companies should already be using

There are tons of new marketing strategies that have emerged in the digital era, but only a few will stay relevant as time goes on.

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ICYMI: Recap of Cleveland’s first TechConnect Meetup

There are lots of marketing meetup groups in the Cleveland area, but there’s only one focused solely on the unique needs of the software and tech industry.

TechConnect is new to town and already gaining the attention of local tech marketers.

Instead of talking about international B2C brands with million-dollar budgets, TechConnect’s events revolve around the real-life challenges and opportunities of marketing a tech company out of Cleveland, Ohio.

The first event featured Bill Myers from New Territory to talk about how tech companies can easily get started implementing virtual reality and augmented reality in their marketing initiatives.

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Tech companies need this one unexpected role in their marketing department

Running the marketing department for a software or tech company is an exceedingly complex job.

The scope of work is vast, the technology and tactics field is broad and the expectations are high.

In a perfect world, all marketing tactics would easily generate a slew of fantastic leads.

Then, in that perfect world, your marketing automation tool would use it’s sixth sense to know whether or not the leads are qualified, hot and ready for the sales reps to follow up. Then, your marketing automation tool would magically ZAP those great leads to your sales reps and BOOM—lots of new deals are rolling in.

OK, let’s snap back to reality.

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How to Build a Tech Website that Converts

Have you ever walked into a store and instantly been swarmed by 2-3 sales people? Then when you told them you’re just browsing, you felt their eyes following the back of your head? It’s weird, right? No one likes to be bombarded, and the same philosophy should hold true in the design of your virtual establishment… your website.

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In town for CMW? Visit these Cleveland hotspots

Content Marketing World attendees - here’s your insider bar & restaurant list from a Cleveland marketing agency. You’ll want to bookmark this one!

Content Marketing World is one of the largest marketing conferences in the world, and it’s held right here in “The ‘Land.” With historical keynote speakers like Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tina Fey, this event digs into all things content…which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, supports pretty much all of your marketing efforts.

Here at Kiwi Creative, we’re taco aficionados, foodie fanatics, and craft beer crazy. So who better to give the insider info for all the best places to check out in between CMW sessions?!

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