5 chat prompts to drive conversions on a B2B tech website

Website chat is becoming increasingly popular. Tools like Drift and HubSpot Messages can help engage your web traffic in a new way that is often less “scary” for website visitors than calling or filling out a form.

Chat is natural next step in our on-demand society, and is quickly becoming the expectation. Your potential buyers want answers and information where and when they want it, and being available in chat let's them know you’re listening.

So, when setting up your website chat, don’t just ask “Do you have any questions?” on every page. Kick it up a notch with five chat prompts that will engage your visitors.

On Your Homepage

Because the eye is easily drawn to a chat bubble when it first pops up, make it incredibly clear who you are as a company in the chat window on your homepage (even if your homepage already does that!).

Homepage chat is also a nice opportunity ask visitors about their business objectives in a more conversational or consultative way.

We’re a SaaS integrator of API connectivity for the telecom industry.🔌 Any projects on your plate I can help with?

On Products and Services Pages

Especially if you have a few different product options or modules, be there to help steer your buyers toward the right service offering for them. If buyers aren’t sure which one of your products they need, they’ll quickly look elsewhere.

Hey there. Figuring out the right combination of services for your business doesn't have to be hard or scary. 😱 Want some help?

On Pricing Pages

Website visitors who head to your pricing page have a pretty good idea that your product might be right for them. Now, they they're making sure your pricing is in line with the value that it brings.

If your pricing structure is complex, this may be an area where you ask someone if they need help determining the right pricing level.

We have a few different pricing structures. Do you see one that would work for you? Let me know if I can help.

In Your Resources Section

If you have a bunch of resources—like whitepapers, videos and case studies—help visitors find what they are looking for. Being available to help at any point demonstrates the kind of long-term partner you’ll be.

What do you want to learn more about? 🤓 I’m happy to help you find the right tool! 📗

On Demo Pages

Just like your pricing page, visitors who make their way to your demo page are some of your hottest prospects. In addition to making sure your demo request form isn’t overwhelming, add a chat prompt that directly speaks to your visitor and addresses any hesitations of moving forward with a demo.

Considering a demo? I can tell you a little more about how we approach them. Want to learn more? 

Once you get all of these engaging chat prompts in place, its important to make sure you have answers ready to go. And because website chat is often managed by an organization's sales team, its a great cooperative sales enablement initiative—where marketing arms sales with the responses for common questions.

Then, get ready to sit back with a cup of coffee and start having meaningful, engaging chats with your future customers.


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