3 Amazing WordPress Plugins ALL Tech Marketers Should Be Using

WordPress is a tremendous tool for tech marketers. What makes it so great for tech marketers? Well, one reason is that it is an open-sourced platform which lets marketers use the platform in a number of ways, from simple “brochure” websites to inbound marketing powerhouses and e-commerce platforms. As the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), the platform has a ton of outstanding plugins that really extend the functionality of the CMS.

There are a ton of plugins that can be used for very specific functionality like adding contact forms to your site, integrations with marketing softwares and intranets but today we’re going to focus on a handful of plugins that all marketers should be using on their WordPress websites to better optimize for search visibility and to keep their websites secure.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is without doubt the most powerful and most used SEO plugin available on WordPress (and it’s free!) and something that you should be using to help manage on-site SEO. With Yoast you can simply manage your on-site metadata like your SEO page titles, meta descriptions and more on a page-by-page or site-wide basis.

Why is this important? Well, the goal of most marketers is to have a website that drives traffic for keywords that are most important to them, and Yoast helps your to optimize your content around the keywords that matter to you.


WP-Optimize is a tool to help you keep your website running efficiently. By automatically cleaning up your site’s database your WordPress site will have a faster response from the server and database which will make the site load faster overall.

Why is this important? Speed is something that impacts user experience and search optimization. By keeping your site snappy and efficient, you’ll also have a better experience in updating your website through WordPress because the site will load and save your content faster.


Website security is more important today than ever before and Wordfence is the top WordPress security tool out there today. Wordfence monitors your WordPress website with their firewall, malware scanner and IP blocking to keep your site free of hacks and other security threats.

Why is this important? Being such a popular CMS, WordPress sites should be protected from potential threats that may be targeting WordPress websites. A site hack can be a big problem to resolve and it is best to protect yourself with preventative measures rather than solving things retroactively.

There are a ton of amazing WordPress plugins to use on your site. Check out the WordPress plugin directory to see what is available to help you extend the functionality of your site and keep your site secure!