Patrick Zangardi

Patrick Zangardi
Patrick is Kiwi Creative's digital marketing director. He spends his days working with our clients and leading web development and inbound marketing engagements. He spends his nights eating pizza.

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Three Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Failing

Social media is a smart way to enhance your marketing campaigns by sharing your content and other things that would be of interest to your audience, as well as identify prospects and augment your sales efforts. Social media campaigns are often one of the first initiatives a new marketing manager wants to implement, but also are one of the first things to get cut due to performance issues.

So why do social media campaigns fail for B2B tech marketers? Read below to get our take.

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Four Ways to Immediately Get More Leads From Your B2B Tech Website

A well performing website is an essential part of a B2B marketer’s arsenal. Pretty much every B2B tech company’s top goal is to drive more leads and increase sales.

In fact, increasing leads is usually the top priority of the marketing managers that we meet and talk with every day. When we embark on a website redesign project for B2B tech it’s always top of mind for us to make a site that not just looks great, but that also works really well for driving leads and nurturing prospects.

Here are four things that all B2B tech marketers should keep at the top of their minds when planning a new website or modifying their site to drive more leads.

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So, What is Premium Content and Why Should I Care?

We all know that content is king (and content distribution is queen) when it comes to an effective inbound marketing strategy—but when it comes to effective inbound campaigns for B2B technology, content strategy is about more than just blog writing and posting on social media.

Inbound marketing is about two main things:

  1. Providing value for your audience
  2. Generating awareness (and leads!) for your company.

If blog content and social media distribution is used to provide valuable content to your audience, premium content can help you leverage those value bombs you’ve been dropping on your audience and convert them into marketing qualified leads!

But… “what is premium content?”

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How to Plan a Website That Will Leverage Inbound Marketing

Ah, every B2B tech marketers dream! You’ve been given the green-light on a budget to implement a new marketing approach and redesign your website … and now you’re wondering where to start and how to plan a website that will leverage inbound marketing. Not to worry, smart marketer! We’ve got you covered.

Planning a website that will be used to drive your inbound marketing campaign sounds complicated, but really it comes down to a few key points:

  1. Knowing your audience
  2. Planning your content
  3. Integrating your other marketing channels
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12 Killer Tips for Tech Marketers to Develop Their Authentic Voice

Feeling like your content is missing the mark a bit, but not sure why? It might be that the voice and tone behind your content is inconsistent.  As B2B tech marketers, you have a lot to manage and work on every single day and chances are that developing your authentic voice is not something that you really have put a lot of time or thought into.

Whether you’re a marketing manager on a team of one (been there) or leading a larger team of designers, writers, and SEO gurus, it’s super important to develop an official brand voice that sounds and feels like your brand. The way you write affects how your B2B technology brand is perceived and how your audience interacts with your brand. If you're stuck on creating your authentic voice, here are 12 tips on how to develop the authentic voice for your B2B technology brand.

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Inbound Marketing Basics to Make Your SaaS Website Successful

Most SaaS companies want their websites to do a single thing: convert site visitors into product users. The best way to do that? Attract the right visitors and usher them through the buyer's journey with great content.

Find out more about the buyer's journey and how to create a successful inbound strategy in our B2B Tech Marketer's Guide to Inbound!

With over 2 million blog posts that go live daily, it’s important to create content with intent and to add value to your reader, not just add more noise and confusion to their day.

So, if you’re having trouble attracting the right type of visitors to your website and are focusing on improving your SaaS website’s performance, here are some inbound marketing basics to get you on the track to success.

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The 4 Most Common Website Design Problems in Tech

In all our years of marketing experience, we've seen our fair share of website design problems on B2B software and tech sites. Look, we get it: B2B technology isn’t always the sexiest line of business and rarely gets the fanfare and attention that new consumer technology startups receive. Top B2B technology companies like Slack, Rackspace, HubSpot and MailChimp are proof that great website design really can improve your brand image, make your messaging more memorable, and ultimately help grow your business.

That said, if you're planning on redesigning your B2B tech website, set the bar high and be careful to avoid these four common web design problems.

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