Four Ways to Immediately Get More Leads From Your B2B Tech Website

A well performing website is an essential part of a B2B marketer’s arsenal. Pretty much every B2B tech company’s top goal is to drive more leads and increase sales.

In fact, increasing leads is usually the top priority of the marketing managers that we meet and talk with every day. When we embark on a website redesign project for B2B tech it’s always top of mind for us to make a site that not just looks great, but that also works really well for driving leads and nurturing prospects.

Here are four things that all B2B tech marketers should keep at the top of their minds when planning a new website or modifying their site to drive more leads.

Improve Your Messaging

Probably the most impactful way to connect with your site audience is to have a really strong and clear message on what you do and who you help. Your main message, what I sometimes call the “Hero Statement,” should clearly articulate your value proposition and how you can impact your audience in a positive way.

A common misstep that B2B tech marketers tend to take when writing marketing content for their site is to focus too much on the features of their product. Of course explaining your products features are super important, but that shouldn’t be your singular focus. Instead, focus on how you can solve problems that your audience is facing and the benefit your product will bring to them.

Build Trust

How can a website build trust? One way is by sharing great knowledge and insight about what you’re an expert in on a regular basis. Remember that a smart inbound marketing plan uses content that lives on your website as a way for your audience to become familiar with who you are and what you do, not always as a “hook” to sell right away. It’s a great way to position yourself as an expert with your ideal customer and nurture them through the buyer’s journey with email marketing and premium content.

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Use Landing Pages

We often see B2B marketers using things like Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising (which is great!) but faulting in one key area: sending all paid traffic to the homepage.

If you’re making use of any paid advertising strategies you’re going to want to use dedicated landing pages geared towards driving conversion on your offer (whether that offer is a download, an event registration, software demo, you name it). Your landing page should have very strong messaging, a great and easy to use call-to-action (CTA) and be quick to load - especially on mobile! Great usability can make-or-break a landing page.

Nurture Your Visitors

It’s super important to remember that most visitors do not convert on the first visit. Studies actually suggest it can take anywhere from 6-12 touches to generate a sales lead! With that in mind, develop a strategy to keep your audience engaged with your brand so you can nurture them through the sales process. Here are a few tips and ways you can do that:

Use social media

Prominently display your social media icons on your site, social share tools on your content and drive your visitors to follow you on social.

Promote your email list

A great CTA to include on your site is a subscription to your newsletter or email list. When your visitors convert to your email list, send them content relevant to their interests and nurture the relationship through that channel.


Retargeting helps your brand to stay in front of your audience. You can use retargeting to promote content and other things of value to your audience on social media or on advertising networks. This is a great way to provide more touchpoints with your audience and stay top of mind!

So if you want to drive more leads, you have to deliver value to your audience and build your site in a way that makes it easy for your audience to connect with you.

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