Follow Up Email Templates for B2B Tech Sales

B2B tech sales is a unique animal. B2B buyers often have to involve multiple decision-makers, and the implementation of a new technology platform can change the very fundamentals of a business.

These complex, technical product offerings translate into a long sales cycle. If you're in B2B tech sales or digital marketing you're nodding along right now!

Given the longer sales cycle, it's important to make sure all of your touches along the way are reflective of who you are and how you will be a value-added partner.

You don’t have to go far down your inbox to find bad examples of follow up emails. So, if you’re looking to stand out and close the deal here are some of the best templates we’ve seen for B2B software and tech sales follow up.

Following the First Conversation

After you have an initial conversation with a new prospect and have validated form/fit, the common next step in the B2B software sales cycle is to engage them in a demo.

Hi [FIrst_Name],
Thanks for your time on the phone yesterday.
As promised, here's some info [include a link!] about how we help companies manage their shipments more efficiently.
Are you interested in seeing the platform? I’d be happy to setup a demo if you’d like to see how [Product/Solution name] can help [Prospect company name] directly.
Let me know when you schedule is open for a quick demo.
[Your Name]

Why this email works: This email reiterates the value you bring, vs. focusing on the technical solution. And, it feels personal and to-the-point. Make sure you get a link in there—if you’re sending emails via a marketing automation platform like HubSpot, you’ll have visibility to see if your prospect is interested and has clicked through the link.

Maybe Not the Right Contact

If your prospect hasn't engaged and is maybe not the person who ultimately has any interest (or buying power!), this email is a good way to stir up conversation and identify the correct contact.

Hi [FIrst_Name],

After I sent off that email to you last week, I got to thinking…

Although you’re the [Director of Operations], you may not have responsibility directly for [Specific type] activity.

Do you have someone on your team who is responsible for decreasing cost per transaction?

[Your Name]

Why this email works: Asking if they have someone on their team makes it more personal, vs. asking more generically “can you point me to the right person?”

Directly Following a Demo

After a demo, you’ll want to address any questions that were asked, but keep focused on meaningful next steps to make that sale.

Hi [First_Name],

Thanks again for your time yesterday.

Let me know if there are any questions I can answer, or if you guys are ready to finalize a plan. I know you said you’re hoping to have everything live by January, which would mean that we’d really want to kick off onboarding on Oct 15 at the latest.

When is a good day and time for me to check in next week?

[Your Name]

Why this email works: When it comes to a sales cycle that is already long and intensive, you don’t want to prompt questions that wouldn’t otherwise come up. Unnecessary questions can extend the sales cycle even longer. Not what you're looking for in tech sales! Instead, try to create some urgency instead of paving the way for a never-ending sales process.

Checking In

Haven’t heard from your prospect in a few days? The more time you let pass, the more of the “basics” you’ll have to review on the next call.

Hey [First_Name]!

I know you guys are still deciding on how you’re going to move forward. In the meantime, I wanted to share our self-guided onboarding, which includes some more info about the [Feature] you were excited about.

And, I think it gives a good flavor of what to expect once you guys come on board (the story on page 7 is my personal favorite!).

When do you expect you’ll have a decision one way or another?

[Your Name]

Why this email works: Don’t be the everyday, boring “just checking in email.” Instead, focus on adding value and helping your prospect better understand what it would look like to actually work with you. End the email with a pointed question instead of inviting them to ask more questions.


In Closing (Pun Intended!) 

Effective emails are just one part of making sure your B2B sales reps have everything they need. If you want to do more to get the right tools in your sales reps hands, download our kit today: The Sales Enablement Guide For B2B Tech Companies.

Get ready to close more deals!

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