HubSpot is (in our humble opinion) the queen when it comes to marketing automation, so it's no surprise they're rolling out game-changing AI tools. All of these tools have the capability to make B2B tech marketers more efficient, and probably save a few headaches too.

In our recent HubSpot User Group with Dan Rosenbaum, we walked through the features available in ChatSpot, Content Assistant and Campaign Assistant. These tools only scratch the surface of the AI features available in HubSpot.

If you're just dipping your toe in the waters of AI, these tools are a great start. However, if you're a seasoned pro looking for more comprehensive tools, check out the ones available in Content Hub.



ChatSpot essentially utilizes the power of ChatGPT in combination with your HubSpot portal, creating a dynamic tool that transforms your HubSpot portal into a text-based command center. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automated efficiency.

The tool acts very similarly to ChatGPT interface-wise, allowing you to type and ask questions of the tool with the added benefit of connecting to your portal—but don't worry—ChatSpot utilizes some of ChatGPT's power, but none of your data is at risk, or being fed to an algorithm just because you use the tool.

ChatSpot home screen

ChatSpot can speed up everything from content creation to finding answers in HubSpot Academy or HubSpot Knowledge Base without manual searches. You can:

  • Generate text for emails and marketing materials
  • Create simple HubSpot reports
  • Produce AI-generated images
  • Conduct PPC keyword research
  • Summarize records
  • And much more!

Whether you're an admin, sales rep or marketer—ChatSpot has something for everyone. Folks responsible for HubSpot admin or simply access the tool for less technical purposes can use the tool to help streamline navigation (think: where the heck is our deal with ABC Company?), create simple reports and perform Knowledge Base searches. Sales reps can prompt the tool to write personalized prospecting emails and conduct research on companies to identify leads. Team members responsible for marketing might use the tool to explore relevant content topics for strategy-building, to help write said content and to craft catchy subject lines or taglines for ads.

One of our favorite features is the competitor research—ChatSpot calls it Company Insights. You can search who your competitors are (you may be surprised what is spit out), find out intel about funding, latest news, tech stacks and more.

Pro Tip: use the search templates available in the tool as much as possible. As with most AI, there are limitations and utilizing the pre-made prompts ensures you get a better response from the tool

Content Assistant 

Seamlessly integrated with HubSpot's content marketing tools, Content Assistant makes building content faster and easier. The tool appears as a little star/diamond in places all over your portal and may look like the below:

AI Content Assistant

AI Content Assistant Pop Up

AI Content Assistant Email

Anywhere you see that symbol (or if you don't see it, type in "/" in any text module), you can utilize Content Assistant—whether its emails, blog posts or social copy. It does everything right within HubSpot, eliminating the need for cumbersome copy-pasting.

Content Assistant does wonders with:

  • Crafting marketing emails
  • Writing engaging social copy
  • Generating blog ideas
  • Creating compelling CTAs
  • And more!

We love that the tool makes quick work of things like subject lines and meta descriptions, but has the versatility to create entire blog posts or change the tone of whole swaths of copy in an email or on a landing page.

Campaign Assistant

HubSpot's Campaign Assistant combines with Content Assistant to help you in all your strategic content needs. If you need help starting up a campaign the tool simply asks for:

  • A campaign description
  • The top three offer highlights
  • Your preferred CTA
  • Up to three tone words

Based on your input, it can then generate everything from landing page copy, email copy, ad copy (for LinkedIn, Google Search or Facebook) and as you dive in further, the tool also prompts you to add other standard assets, like forms. 

Campaign Assistant

The great part is that the copy generated for the landing page and email are actually built with this tool—yep, it gives you a basic landing page and email layout along with the copy, helping you speed up the process. That being said, the tool is still in beta, so proceed with caution and always keep human eyes on all AI-generated content!

Pro Tip: start with creating the landing page first. Since it will have more copy, it will help better inform edits and changes to the remaining elements of your campaign.


There is an absolute overload of AI tools on the market, and HubSpot is aiming to combine their platform with powerful AI features so you have a one-and-done solution. Not a bad idea.

Being able to perform tasks without special integrations or logging into alternate platforms can significantly enhance your daily marketing efforts.

If you're ready to try out the tools for yourself, download our HubSpot AI guide or watch the full HUG demo.

HubSpot's Coolest AI Tools for B2B Tech Companies