HubSpot is revamping Service Hub to give your teams a more comprehensive view of your customer's needs. By launching more AI-powered features and well loved workspaces that mimic familiar integrations like Zendesk and Sales Hub's prospecting workspace, your service teams can enjoy more visibility into account activity and delight your customers with world-class support.

AI Chatbot is available at the Service Hub Starter level, while the remaining new features are available at the Service Hub Pro level and above. Currently, all the features are in beta—meaning you have to opt in to experiment and see if your teams benefit from the new tools!

Help Desk Workspace

For B2B companies managing a myriad of client inquiries and support tickets, the Help Desk workspace is a game-changer. Imagine having all your tickets and conversations organized in one place, enabling your team to prioritize and resolve issues efficiently. With advanced SLAs and routing, B2B companies can ensure that critical client requests are handled promptly, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

Whether someone reaches out via email, form, chat, WhatsApp or otherwise, you can consolidate channels into one easy to work with space. You can easily route tickets to more senior team members for complex scenarios, enable automatic transcripts, organize individual teams based on skill level or expertise and so much more.

AI Assistant

The AI Assistant empowers support reps to respond swiftly to client queries by providing real-time recommendations tailored to ticket context. For B2B companies managing complex products or services, the AI Assistant ensures that support reps have the information they need at their fingertips, leading to faster resolution times and happier clients.

If you're familiar with some of HubSpot's other AI tools, the AI Assistant has nearly identical functionality to Content Assistant—which can rewrite, summarize, expand and otherwise modify copy.

A great way to use the assistant is to summarize longer client conversations for when agents need to pass off the ticket to a different representative or team. This way the next person in line has the full context of the conversation in one swoop without reading through back-and-forth messages from the original agent before the hand off.

Customer Success Workspace

For B2B companies focused on long-term client relationships, the Customer Success workspace is a vital tool for proactive account management. If you've seen or used the Sales Hub Prospecting Workspace, this will look incredibly familiar and give your team a single source of truth.

Customer Success Workspace

The goal of this workspace is to be able to have a 10,000 foot view of account activity and health so B2B companies can identify at-risk clients and take preemptive measures to address their needs. Additionally, the integration with product usage data allows B2B companies to uncover opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, maximizing client lifetime value.

In addition, the tool also has something called a customer health score—this score can help teams identify churn risk and prioritize outreach to those that need it most.

Omnichannel Communication

B2B clients expect top-notch service across various channels, which means ensuring seamless communication—HubSpot's omnichannel communication features streamline call routing and integrate in-app messaging, allowing for a personalized and consistent support experience. Features include:

  • IVR phone trees: customized call routing
  • Simultaneous ring: updated from 10 reps to 100
  • Mobile SDK: add HubSpot chat to any IOS or Android mobile app (coding is needed)
  • Messaging channel API: add any text-based messaging channel to an inbox or help desk (coding is needed)

Additionally, the integration of HubSpot chat into mobile apps enables B2B companies to maintain connectivity with clients on-the-go, ultimately enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.

AI Chatbot/Agent

The AI Chatbot/Agent is perfect for B2B companies handling a large volume of client inquiries. By tapping into web content and knowledge base articles, this AI chatbot can address common client queries and even generate tickets for more complex issues. Especially for B2B firms with limited support resources, the AI Agent can help your team deliver efficient and top-notch support to clients without bogging down your service teams, or act as an extension of your service team when you have a smaller employee base.

Enabling the AI Chatbot is simple, all you need to do is add it to a Live Chat. From there you can add in articles or webpages that offer help to clients. If you don't have a knowledge base built but have an FAQ's page, you can add the URL directly and have the AI Chatbot crawl that page for answers to common questions.

Automate with Chatbots

If you utilize the tool, take caution. As with all AI tools, there is room for error—the last thing you want to do is direct your customers somewhere unhelpful. Make sure your content is up to date to avoid miscommunications. The good news? When you update a knowledge base article the Chatbot pulls from that new information the second its updated.


Exceptional customer service is non-negotiable, and with these new Service Hub features, B2B companies have access to tools that can streamline support processes.

The aim is always to enhance client satisfaction and drive long-term loyalty—but the added benefit of these tools is the significant impact they can have on your team's efficiency and productivity. By boosting support processes and providing complete visibility, your team can focus on what truly matters: delivering top-notch service.

To see these tools in action, check out our HubSpot Helper Video, and don't forget to opt in to the Betas to try them yourself!

Service Hub's new AI-powered workspaces