Personalization: How to Improve Your Email Campaign CTR

Emails. We all have an inbox full of important and unimportant ones. Whether they’re from your boss or a store offering coupons and deals. They span a variety of topics and senders. Some of us even get so many emails to the point where we have different email addresses for different purposes, such as one email for personal, one for offers and one for entertainment.

As a tech marketer, how do you make sure you don’t just become another part of the lost and forgotten emails?


Personalization. Emails that are tailored to your consumer's needs and wants makes them actually want to open and even click through.

Here are some ways you can personalize emails that are easy and super effective.


Ask them questions

Ask them the right questions that is. Consumers found your website for a reason, they found something of value they felt could help them. So, why not take full advantage of that by targeting specifically what they were looking for?

Sure, it’s easy to have a subscription box appear on your homepage to get their email. But that’s not sending personalized emails, that’s sending everyone the same email in hopes one sticks somewhere. Asking them what they’re looking for, essentially, will give you better insight on how to create content for them. Also, you’ll be able to split your consumers into different email campaigns that don’t involve just spamming everyone with the same emails.


Time (and location) are of the essence

Once you’ve asked your leads what they’re specifically looking for, you’ll need to figure out a workflow for your emails. Again, you don’t want to just spam everyone hoping someone looks at your email at the time you send it. Everyone has different schedules, lives in different timezones, and even have different preferences of when they want to receive lots of emails.

The most important aspect though would be to enable a time frame on your email automation. You don’t want to send to one person an email at 3 PM and the same email to someone across the country at 9 PM. The best way to time your emails is to take advantage of the data you already have. You track marketing emails and who opens them...right? (you should be) If you are on your game, then you can use that tracking data to see what times people are opening emails and then personalize your emails according to that. You’ll then be sending them the info they need at a time they prefer to receive and see better results.


Add a human touch

According to Neil Patel, personalizing your brand can “soften the edges of big business and add a level of human connection between you and your customer.” This technique is as simple as having an email come from someone specific in the company (like someone on the marketing team) as opposed to just the company. Even adding a more conversational tone to the content can make an impact on clicks. Consumers respond better to a business that has a personal touch and conveys that they really care about customer needs and wants.

Better personalization will come with testing some of these simple steps and get your foot in the door. Email inboxes are getting filled every day, it’s up to you to make yours stand out from the rest. Consumers don’t want emails that are overflowing with information, generic and come at an inconvenient time.

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